Petrovka 25
December 16, 2014 – March 15, 2015

The exhibition is timed to mark the 15th anniversary of the MMOMA. The curatorial group headed by Executive Director Vasili Tsereteli is going to present the museum history in a rather unexpected fashion. FORM Bureau designed the architecture of the exhibition to come up with a one-off tour route so that the spectator may be able to see the museum from the inside after knowing all its ins and outs. The exhibition “Fortune Museum”  is not merely a reason to give a thought or two to history and things as they stand today, it is also a fair attempt at getting a glimpse of the future. 

Ermolaevsky 17
November 29, 2014 – January 25, 2015

The exibition dated to the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Tverskoy 9
December 11, 2014 – January 18, 2015

At the curator’s initiative, Russian artists and fashion designers explore the potential of our understanding of the cultural institution. They present the interpretation of the museum staff uniform, i.e. garments and features reflecting their own experiences of the museum space. The exhibition also contains sketches, lookbooks, tissue samples and information materials. 

Gogolevsky 10
December 23, 2014 – January 25, 2015

Marina Rudenko, Roman Mokrov, Olga Karyakina, Ivan Gorshkov and other artists show us that poetic is always there.

October 30, 2014 – February 1, 2015

For the first time in Russia, artworks by one of the most well-known provokers in the 20th-century art will be shown in the light of media.

December 10, 2014 – January 25, 2015

The exhibition contains artworks by a world-famous explorer and mariner Fedor Konyukhov.

November 20 - December 14, 2014

The exhibit is a total installation utilized by the artist for “questing after times past” with an intention of exploring the nature of the above. 

Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 15

Over 250 paintings, graphics, enamels, pieces of monumental and indoor sculpture.

Special projects
November 1 – December 7, 2014

Exhibition from Collections of Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, to the 20th anniversary of NOVATEK Company.


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