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Annual international exhibition of young art «Workshop 20’12»


Curators: Darya Kamyshnikova, YulyaShirina.
Time: 17 July — 11 August

«virtual reality» is an immersive and interactive simulation of realistic or imaginary environments, in other words it’s a kind of some illusive world, which one sinks in and interacts with, and this world is created by the imitating system which is able to form relevant motivations in human’s sensorial area and perceive his response in body field in situ.

JaronZepel Lanier
scientist, writer, musician


At the beginning there were eight-bit game consoles. Jumping from one wall to another, catching coins and mushrooms to a primitive, lingering tune, a generation grew up and moved from the Global Village of the sixties to the tiny concrete cells, with world tragedies and fakes, catastrophes and photoshop hoaxes, fantasy worlds and the World of Tanks battles being projected on their walls. Individual may be staying in this beehive for months, getting notion of surrounding reality just through YouTube videos.

After finding out her political beliefs and aesthetic preferences, a person joins one or another group in Facebook or Vkontakte. We discuss social problems in LJ and, even when we go out in the streets, we just move from one Wi-Fi spot to another without even trying to look around so as not to destroy the customary pattern.

Meeting with friends over a beer, we discuss our victories in Battlefield or a release date of a new Diabolo.

People have developed new fears and habits. The fear of finding ourselves out of the network coverage has rather quickly grown into the panic fear of ’off-line’. We accumulate new gadgets, creating ’augmented reality’, to never lose permanent access to ’fast knowledge’. Despite the fact that this knowledge is inevitably superficial and incomplete, the mere possibility of getting information on the spot — by just «googling» the question — gives us the illusion that the whole world is before us and that the key to any mystery lies within a few clicks.

Curators of the Workshop 20’12 prompt young artists to ponder their generation’s relationships with reality and its substitution by a scentless, non-material imitation.

Is there a place for anything ’real’ in the virtual universe? Could we have already discarded the non-digital world?




Art group Iron Lily
Art group Just green
Patrick K.-H.
Oleg Makarov
Zen Dog
Ann Ha
Artemenko Elena
Arut Eva
Batalov Alexander
Bovykina Maria
Bryskina Ekaterina
Butenop Olga
Vajenina Elena
Vassina Victoria

Syrtlanova Maria
Ionova-Gribina Maria
Garetz Nikita
Gussakova Darya
Zhigalova Eva
Zayidova Anna
Zaytceva Lana
Zinovyeva Olga
Ivanova Elena
Ilyina Maria


Nechaeva Ekaterina
Klimanova Oksana
Kuznetzov Anton
Kuzmina Maria
Lasarev Igor
Larionov Leonid
Makarova Maria
Martins Alexey
Merenkova Angelina
Mikhantieva Maria
Mokrov Roma
Nikonorova Elena
Obukhova Maria

Pogorjelsky Alexander
Ponomarev Boris
Potapov Vladimir
Ribenok Alexey
Rudenko Marina
Smyshlenkov Vladimir
Stadnichenko Tatyana
Surovtzeva Darya
Ussova Darya
Fedorova Darya
Filushin Mikhail
Fomenko Marina
Yaralova Marta

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