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Hopscotch. A performance festival
Date: September 2 — September 8, 2013
Venue: 9, Tverskoy boulevard

Curated by Asya Mukhina, Yulia Pronina.

«Hopscotch» is an art festival extending an invitation to explore the bounds and trends of modern performance by exchanging experience in the field of performance arts and similar art forms. The festival will consist of various kinds of performances e.g. conceptual, plastic, media, theatrical, sound, poetry. There will be several other performances which are rather difficult to name properly at the moment.

The weeklong festival includes more than twenty performances to be delivered by both full-fledged artists and art school students. Under the artistic supervision of Yelena Kovylina, PYRFYR Performance School students conduct a research into the issues related to an image and imagery in the art of movement. The students of Performance Art Studio and the curator Liza Morozova have joined forces for exploring a rare trend of existential bodily performance. The members of the dance company Po.V.S.Tantsy are involved in the production of a play called Shum Zo (the noise of Zo), in which they examine the movements and the transformation of a group as organism. The Media Performance Laboratory artists in collaboration with the curators Oleg Makarov and Patrick K.-H. carry out a research into the subjects pertinent to reality, loneliness, virtual space, and interaction. Spectators and critics are invited to discuss the performances by taking part in lectures and debates that will include such issues as «The Significance of an Image in the Art of Performance» and «Performance as a Way of Conducting a Self-enquiry.»

The participants of the festival will be researching in real time, and therefore there will be no prefab answers to questions asked during the event. Varieties of an answer will be formed «here and now.» As a result, every spectator is going to be a member of the creative process as the context becomes a must-be ingredient for co-producing a work of art. A lecture performance by Elena Kovylina, devoted to the issue of positioning Russian art in the Western countries, will be held on the opening day.

There is a chance that we may be able to see a line between the above notions more clearly as we watch the performances. Perhaps the line does not exist at all, how do you reckon?

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