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Liza Rabochikh «Memory of the Dress»
Date: May 16 — June 23, 2013
Venue: The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 10 Gogolevsky Blvd
The first diploma project of CURATORIAL SCHOOL
a special program of the MMOMA School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops

Curated by Yuri Mininberg.

Habitual or customary is the main and the richest one of all artistic categories.
Jeff Wall

Since the epoch of the historical avant-garde, time, its secret fabric is one of the main topics of the contemporary art.
The project by Liza Rabochikh is an attempt to research time in the light of the women’s reverie, on the one hand, and close attention to the everyday life, on the other hand.

What can be more common and familiar than woman talks about dresses? But if to combine these habitual and simultaneously dreamy moments, the fabric of time seems to be wrapped and reveals its hidden side.

A girl wearing a smart dress imagines herself as a woman, but years later the woman wearing a similar dress recalls her childhood. Accidentally spilled tea washes away floral pattern from the summer dress...

It is repetition of themes and patterns of the fate, which Vladimir Nabokov liked so much. He considered that the artist’s task was to find and to combine these patterns so that to change time.

As a metaphor for time, Liza uses white things, i. e. clay, assembly foam, starch, paper, paint.

The artist’s dresses appear pink mirages or ghostly imprints, decorative bas-reliefs or immersed in the frozen foam as if hardened under a layer of marine sediments.

They are frozen somewhere in the toils of time.

Time is a very personal matter. It is as intimate as a favorite dress. It is neither one-dimensional, nor homogeneous. Mysterious links and corridors lie between the present, the past and the future.

The dress is the living memory of touch. Following Marcel Proust, who has recollected his childhood by tasting a Madeleine, Liza sets out in search of the lost world. The artist invites the viewer to trace the gentle and sad metamorphosis, when easy fabric of the dress changes into the otherworldly matter of memories, which has no exchange or refund.

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