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Darya Surovtseva «Trial of Strength»
Date: May 21 — August, 28, 2011
Venue: Konenkov Memorial Museum-Studio, 17 Tverskaya str.


Contemporary Art School “Free Workshops” and Moscow Museum of Modern Art present series of exhibitions which will take place at Konenkov Memorial Museum-Studio. All projects within the cycle are designed to fit into a theme exposition of the Museum-Studio which one of the largest collections of sculptures by Konenkov in Russia.

The first exhibition, organized in the Konenkov Museum-Studio, is a part of the Debut program, which has been curated by the Contemporary Art School «Free Workshops» for 5 years. The program uncovers new names in the Russian art. This time, the Debut program presents artist Daria Surovtseva. She is the daughter of sculptors Elena and Vladimir Surovtsev. Daria Surovtseva is more known abroad than in Russia. She graduated from the Ceramics Department at the Stroganov Academy. Then, she underwent a training course and worked at the celebrated Manufacture Nationale de Sevres. It determined the direction of her artistic career. The artist mostly works with porcelain together with glass, bronze, marble and lightweight plastics. Sculptures by Surovtseva personify abstract metaphors. They remind of sophisticated creatures or space biological forms. The main feature of her art is cosmicness. Installations by the artist are utmost feminine. They combine irreality of artistic fantasies with sensuality and lyricism.

Surovtseva pays a special attention to the Illuz action in her art. It’s a phenomenon characterized by the artist herself as follows: «It is a monument to the delusive Illuz action, an inner, dearest and emotional action, existing without definite titles, aims and directions, only in the form of the persistent desire To Be». «The Trial of Strength exhibition contains artworks by Surovtseva created during the recent three years. It also presents a series of sculptures entitled «Illuz No». It is a manifesto to the artistic vision of Surovtseva. Artworks are flexible sculptures, made of porcelain and lightweight materials. They personify an idea of the illusory nature of the existing reality, where illusions become real. Daria Surovtseva pays a tribute to this stage of her artistic career, which has been just a trial before her real performance.


Daria Surovtseva is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow Union of Designers, Maison des Artist in Paris. She is a participant of many exhibitions in Russia, Austria, Belgium, France, Korea, and Hungary. Her works are in collections of the Moscow Museum of Actual Art (Art4ru), private collections in Belgium, Korea and France.

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