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Alexandra Kuznetsova. Aporia
Date: March, 27 — April, 21 2013
Venue: S. T. Konyonkov Memorial Ex-Studio Museum, 17, Tverskaya street

Young artist Alexandra Kuznetsova works with the problems of media and conceptual art using Ancient subjects. In her installation called «Aporia» she addresses the famous Zeno’s paradoxe — a set of logically correct propositions that lack sense in reality. Using videos and actual objects the artist creates conditions which turn the Zeno’s paradoxes from abstractness to reality. The real interwines with the imaginary while obvious is brough into question. «Aporia» is a laconic work employing a language that reveals its meaning through media rooted in it.

Alexandra Kuznetsova lives and works in Moscow. She studied art and graphics at the The Moscow State Pedagogical Universitey, Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art (Moscow), British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow), Wordshop Academy of Communications (Moscow). She works in design, and exhibits her work since 2002.

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