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June 7 — 20, 2012

The project STUDENT Art Prom School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops" of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the exhibition "Environment".

«virtual reality» is an immersive and interactive simulation of realistic or imaginary environments, in other words it’s a kind of some illusive world, which one sinks in and interacts with, and this world is created by the imitating system which is able to form relevant motivations in human’s sensorial area and perceive his response in body field in situ.

April, 13th — May, 13th 2012

Roman Mokrov’s exhibition NOTMOSCOW will open as a part of the Début Programme organised by the Free Workshops school of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

November 11, 2011 – December 11, 2011

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the «Only Red» exhibition by young artist Maima Pushkareva. It is a series of 8 artworks, made by the technique which is defined by the artist as the «body-print».

October 6 — November 6, 2011

Demonstrating her works as objects of passion for a supposed collector, Mukhina explores psychological and aesthetic aspects of collecting, and also creates ideal conditions for her artworks. Because the Collection is a place, where they are loved.

July 20 — August 14, 2011

Olga Croitor belongs latest generation of artists, and it usually means that attention to such an art akin linked to the notion of the future.

May 21 — August, 28, 2011

Moscow Museum of Modern Art launches a new venue in the historical centre of Moscow. It is the Konenkov Memorial Museum-Studio.

November 11 — December 6, 2009

Curator Lana Zaitseva has invited artists to think over the things that find themselves in the “garbage heap of history”.

November 3 — November 29, 2009

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a solo show by Marika Maiorova, a playwright, fashion designer and an artist, a participant of a number of exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Project “Water and People, or Neonarcissism” presents five works which reflect key aspects of human interaction with the water element.

November 21 – December 21, 2008

The main principle that interests Sakin is the transformation of the form of moving objects. The artist calls his objects ‘Controllable Sculpture’ (C.S. in abbreviation), which is his main instrument in the study of plastic interrelations.

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