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General Information Staff Programm Archive 2012
Festival of Final Projects.

Curators: Asya Mukhina, Yulya Shirina, Patrick K.-H., Oleg Makarov

What if contemporary art for you was above all the most natural form of self-search and self-identification in the community? Without the need of being a part of it or reserving own niche. You have just discovered something new yet familiar, and under no circumstances you would want to give up it. So one day you feel the need of sharing your discoveries with others, and finding your fellow-thinkers. Together you can create things impossible for a loner. Everything becomes simple. No supernatural philosophic concepts.

The museum. Experimental educational course called «Laboratory of Media Performance» with its` continuous creative collaboration, and existence in constant interaction. Isn`t this the very essence of performativity? Being on the edge. Standing on the borderline between visual and theatrical, between conceptual ideas and innovative methods, tested schemes and experimental research.
Contemporary media are physiological. They act as extensions of sensorial and mental perception mechanisms. Where physical abilities are inapplicable, the artist faces virtually inexhaustible material for implementing one`s fantasies, thought to be unachievable. In a manner of speaking media performance embodies the modernist dreams of a man-machine symbiosis. The results of mutual mergence between the humane and the technogenic are hardly predictable. As well as it is impossible to distinguish the prevailing element. Existing in constant race for predominance, they form figurative and semantic unity. The unity of the entires.

Yulya Shirina, Asya Mukhina

Irina Popiel, Olga Vavilova, Ann Ha, Kirill Veidash
Documentation of media essay, 2012

From prehistoric times, the mankind has been trying to find ways to express inner self, unable to be habitually articulated. Replacement of verbal communication with phonetic one is called to create an illusion of the sacral super-sense. Existing in the sphere of Deleuze’s exteriority of the language, phonemes, syllables and symbols appeal to formal sacredness, excluding the narrative component at the same time.

Dasha Gussakova
Documentation of media performance, 2012

Borders between the real and the fictional are so vague that few are aware of the committed acts and the time, spent on them. Everything, cast over us by social and media environments, leaves a trail, which we are waiting again, clinging to nonexistent images, paying no attention to ourselves, wasting time, which ends with each exhalation. We remain a diffuse mass of self-cited personages, whose only dream is to revive the nonexistent.

Kamo Tsaturyan, Irina Ivannikova
Documentation of media performance, 2012

What is a woman? Is it a complex of gender identity, a conditional set of physiological and social functions or is there archetypal predetermination in the femininity? Appealing to archaic matriarchal symbols, we research their interaction with the contemporary woman, living in the world, where feminism and gender theory exist.

Lena Demidova, Marina Stepanova, Yuri Nagorny
Documentation of media performance, 2012

Switching tv channels and jumping from news to movies, we are increasingly leveling the brink between the reality and the screen illusion. Consciousness of the modern man is under constant influence of the flow of images, broadcast by mass media. Screen myths easily penetrate into the reality, becoming its integral part. Violence causes curiosity, news evokes irony, and blood causes indifference. We’ve seen death so many times on the screen that it seems to be a play of imagination, which will never go beyond the media world.

Anastasiya Alyokhina, :: vtol::
Documentation of media performance, 2012

It is a media performance for 2 participants, ultrasonic distance sensors, a system of sound transformations and 6 meters of cables. Sometimes, there appears a person in some place, next to other people. He seems not to differ from others, but it is unclear what he is talking about. Is it speech? It’s a kind of the noise in the space. Sometimes, there are people who sound in a different way. It is another diapason. But still the noise made by them almost always attracts the similar person. Don’t think that your noise is odd. Continue transmitting and after twenty persons you will find someone who sounds the same way as you.

Victoria Ushkanova
Documentation of media performance, 2012

We are not fully aware of the fact that every day we interact with hundreds of images. It is difficult to define which of them are created by our imagination, and which of them appear from the outside. Maneuvering in the web of phantoms, somewhere we slide on a tangent, let something through, and sometimes accumulate it inside ourselves. The artist deals with such quintessence of images, so that one day when the interaction is exhausted to set the images free.

Natalia Obelchak, Kirill Veidash
Documentation of media performance, 2012

Every day we make decisions, choosing ways of our movement, giving up some directions and agreeing to others. We think that nothing can happen again, and there is only one plan of existence. What if it is not so? What if all variants of our life exist at the same time? And we can see them and choose, shift and return. And each new round is no mechanical repetition, but a new life.

Olga Vavilova, Natalia Obelchak, Vasily Yolshin
Documentation of media performance, 2012

Even when we don’t move, we fly at a high speed, slicing through interstellar space with our planet. The Angle of View performance explores the theory of relativity, interchanging starting points of the movement. It is easy to imagine how a dancing man looks like, how his body, arms and legs dynamically cross the space. But what will be if to look at it from the other angle? For example, we can fix the angle of view with the help of the camera on his knee, his elbow or the back of his head. Thus, we will make the whole world rotate around the chosen element.

Asya Mukhina, Oleg Makarov, Patrick K.-H.
Documentation of media performance, 2012

Media surrealism. The true meaning can be only found in the unconscious. The reason is a filter, distorting the real situation. The interactive media can join different kinds of automatism in a single structure. Automatic writing reveals the mind, exposing hidden lexical links, which generate sound abstractions, undergoing visual metamorphoses.

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