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Leonid Sokov. Point of View
Moscow, 2012
М.: Maier, 2012. — 240 pages with plates.
ISBN 978-5-91611-045-6
Compiling editor: Andrei Erofeev

Leonid Sokov is an outstanding Russian and American sculptor, painter, graphic artist, and creator of objects and installations. He belongs to a generation that, that on the cusp of the 1970s, wrought a revolution in Soviet art.

He found his own path in the @international style” of contemporary art with sculptures of ephemeral phenomena such as the shadow cast by a chair, the light through a window or the shadow of a cloud. And he played with the international value judgments assigned to the eternal and the ephemeral, the stable and the slippery, and the obvious and the barely discernible. But the most international acclaim Sokov received as one of the creators of an original Soviet-Russian variant of post-modern art, Sots Art. This movement focused on playful mockery, combinations and deconstruction of

verbal and visual languages on both official and lower levels of Soviet society and the Communist government. Sokov gave concrete expression to what Valery called the defining characteristic of the 20th century – “the peaceful coexistence of contradictory ideas”.

Sokov`s works are found in the best museum and private collections over the world.

This book is published in connection with Leonid Sokov solo retrospective at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (May-June 2012). Among the contributors to the publication are such renowned authors as art theoretician Boris Groys, art historians Andrei Erofeev, Julia Tulovski from the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Gleb Napreenko, and the artist himself. 

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