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The book «ŽEN d’АRТ. The Gender History of Art in the Post-Soviet Space: 1989—2009»
Moscow: 2010
Texts by Nataliya Kamenetskaya, Oksana Sarkisyan
31×23 см
304 pages.
ISBN 978-5-91611-017-3

The book «ŽEN d’АRТ. The Gender History of Art in the Post-Soviet Space: 1989—2009», published by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, which presents a catalogue of the same name exhibition, is the first large-scale research of initial process of female discourse and notions about gender in contemporary art.

All main gender art projects of the last twenty years are related in the book, articles and essays of most competent art historians, art critics and curators are represented, researching gender subject, including Mila Bredikhina, Margarita and Viktor Tupitsin, Olesya Turkina, Viktor Masin and other authors, and also other artworks, which were main force of development and formation of gender art in the space of the former USSR.

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