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Open Call – International Video Art Festival «Now&After’12»

Open Call — International Video Art Festival «Now&After’12» will take place in Moscow Museum of Modern Art within the period 24 May — 10 June, 2012.
Deadline: 25 April, 2012

«Now & After» is the festival of video art in progress that changes every year the form of its presentation. The museum’s site gives the opportunity to show videos in interaction with each other. The curator of the festival generates one whole space of video installation, which includes all of the videos participated. Addition to the total show, every day a new competitive video is shown as an independent video installation «Video Now».

The topic of this year is «SUPER- SUPER CITY».

Modern city is more than just a thickly settled agglomeration of architectural and engineering structures. It is a metropolis, absorbing millions of inhabitants. It is a settlement subordinated to the logic of industrial development. It is a small town, where time glides. It is a habitat that have known better days and unneeded now. «Super-Super City», what does it mean for you? Is it a cosmopolitan city or a small patriarchal town that keeps up its traditions? Is it the natural habitat of a modern man or above all a set of «places of universal communication» (airports, subways, large supermarkets), where, according to Baudrillard, «people are deprived of their citizenship, nationality, their territory»? Is it a monotony of contemporary urbanism or a futuristic project? Is it loneliness in a crowd or togetherness of different? Is it a dynamic life of society or a poetic urban landscape? Is there an alternative to the city? Is «super-super city» a heyday or decadence?

More information is available on the festival’s website and on facebook

SUBMISSION — - http://now-after.org/eng/zayavka.php?o=1

There is no entry fee. All rights on videos remain property of authors. Submitted videos must have been completed after 1January, 2009. Running time is up to 5 min. We only accept online applications http://now-after.org/eng/zayavka.php?o=1 Each applicant may send maximum 3 submissions. All the films selected for the competition program will be considered by the jury. The authors of the best films will be awarded. The Festival’s Prize Fund is 100, 000 rubles.

Director and curator of «Now & After» festival is Marina Fomenko.

To participate in the Festival’s competition, you should read the participation terms, fill out the online entry form on the Festival’s site and submit your work via file sharing.

Contacts marinafomenko@now-after.org admin@now-after.org now-after@rambler.ru

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