Media-mystery SHEPHERDS & ANGELS by composer Iraida Yusupova, children's visual studio Fantasy and Troitzk's Art School for children and their parents!

Media-mystery SHEPHERDS & ANGELS by composer Iraida Yusupova after actual poet Vera Pavlova will be performed in MMOMA commonly by 2 children's studios - MMOMA's visual studio FANTASY and Troitzk's Art School's children's choir with their teachers and students of different Moscow musical institutes as soloists. Magic story of the young bikers in the Christmas Night will be interesting for children and teens as well as for adults. Music of the mystery unites many styles - from academic choir compositions to rock-ballades. Visual site of the project we can call "analogue" for sure because of it consisting of appearing on the screen real pictures-comixes drawn online during performans by FANTASY's children before video-camera. This process is to compleat and explain the performance on the stage. Authors in their opus tried to concentrate on universal spiritual, cultural and humanistic values that are to unite people in spite of their religious or atheistic views.

Entrance - standart museum ticket.

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