Deep inside my dollhouse

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents Artist Talk with American photographer Bart Dorsa, the author of “Deep inside my dollhouse” exhibition.

When: November 7, at 4pm
Where: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 9 Tverskoy Blvd
Admission: with museum tickets

Artist Talk with Bart Dorsa, an American photographer working with wet plate photographic technique. He will speak about the unique array of opportunities of this old technique, which is over 170 years old, will tell the visitors how he selects models for his photographs, what inspires ideas for new shows, will speak about the importance of light and how frame setting, and other important details. You will have a chance to talk to the artist, ask questions, and handle the camera with which all the plates exhibited at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art were made.

Invented in the 1840s, The Wet Plate Process was the second generation of the photographic technology after the Daguerreotype. The process requires the photographer to pour a hand-prepared chemical emulsion over a metal or glass plate which is then placed into a vat of silver nitrate. The mixing of silver nitrate with salts that are in the emulsion makes the surface sensitive to light. A wet, sensitive plate, as it is now called, is then placed into the back of the camera and exposed to the light anywhere from three to thirty seconds depending on the chemistry and light conditions. To freeze an image permanently, acid is poured over the wet plate and then fixed in cyanide after the subject has been captured.

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