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About the Lectures IN ENGLISH

LECTURES on RUSSIAN ART of the 20th — beginning 21st cent.
at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Tverskoy boulevard, 9)

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is pleased to announce a program of lectures on Russian Art of the 20th-beginning 21st centuries for an English-speaking audience.

Language: English
One lecture per week on WEDNESDAYS at 19.30-21.00 from October, 7 to December, 2
Price: 700 rubles
Price for students: 450 rubles
Season ticket for all 9 lectures: 5500 rubles
Privileges for season ticket holders: 10 % discount at MART café at Petrovka, 25 and 10 % discount at MMOMA ART BOOK SHOP

The main program includes 9 lectures of 1,5h:

Nine Lectures That Shook The World 
A Crash Course in Russian Art of the XXth Century

Twentieth century saw to art’s deconstruction, provided by combined forces of the bourgeois city, new entertainments, new techniques of scientific research and institutional dominance of the public museum of art. This process has taken many forms worldwide, and for a time Russian art has been at the cutting edge of innovation that aligned itself with the New against the Old. Even in its’ most radical forms, however, art of Russia and the USSR never veered far away from notions of utopian or totalitarian collectivity and the search for a common myth of transition into the aesthetic realm, while European construction of a free subject, made possible by centuries of philosophy, trade, and war, was almost always held in suspicion. This series of lectures will look at 20th Century’s most prominent personalities and the cultural context in which they worked, exploring meaningful breakthroughs along with deep-seated conservative tendencies.


The lectures in this course are IN ENGLISH

LECTURE 1 - October, 14
Rape of Europe: Retrospectivist Tendencies in the 1900s

LECTURE 2 - October, 26 (MONDAY)
Les Fauves Ala Russe: Mikhail Larionov and «Bubnovy Valet»

LECTURE 3 - October, 28            
Against Venus: Kazimir Malevich and the Beginnings of Abstraction

LECTURE 4 – November, 4
For the Worker and by the Worker: Early Revolutionary Art for a New Society

LECTURE 5 – November, 11
Stalin's Witnesses: How Soviet Art Became Official

LECTURE 6 – November, 18
Screening the War: Images of WWII

LECTURE 7 – November, 25            
Back Through Peter's Window: Cultural Policy of Thaw and the Beginnings of Non-Conformist Art            

LECTURE 8 – December, 2            
Held In Doubt: Soviet Concept Art of the 1970s

LECTURE 9 – December, 9            
Promises of Capitalism: Contemporary Russian Art in the Global Context

The lectures will provide information about leading historical movements and artists in Russian art of the 20th-21st centuries in an interactive manner and based on a rich illustrative material. They will relate historical narrative to a practical information on the collections of Moscow museums and galleries to visit and will give an introduction into a current Russian contemporary art scene.

Valentin Diaconov is a well-known Moscow-based critic and curator. He writes on art for the «Kommersant» newspaper. His latest curatorial project was the successful exhibition called «Detective» at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Summer of 2014.


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