Vadim Sidur Museum. Collection of works

Vadim Sidur Museum is a Moscow museum of modern sculpture and the largest collection of works by the world recognized sculptor, graphic artist and poet — a distinguished representative of the Soviet avant-garde art. The main exhibition consists of Vadim Sidur works from different periods of creativity, all in all it includes about 200 exhibits: poems, linocuts, sculptures, drawings, personal belongings. The museum also presents Anatoly Slepyshev, Yuri Larin and Leonid Berlin works. The museum offers visitors an acquaintance with an extraordinary collection, a program of temporary exhibitions of contemporary art that actualize various meanings and associated with this collection, the concert performs and educational programs. Vadim Sidur Museum positions itself as a place where barriers between the audience and the exposition, different types and directions of cultural practices, as well as different groups of visitors (including for people with disabilities) are being removed. The museum is not only a place of works of art storage, but also a center of constant cultural production.

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