Kyrill Gatavan. Troubles Broken Apart
Кирилл Гатаван. Без названия. 2017. Картон, коллаж/ Kirill Gatavan. Untitled, 2017. Collage on cardboard
Кирилл Гатаван. Без названия. 2017. Картон, коллаж/ Kirill Gatavan. Untitled, 2017. Collage on cardboard
Кирилл Гатаван. Без названия. 2018. Картон, коллаж/ Kirill Gatavan. Untitled, 2017. Collage on cardboard
Date: February 7 — March 22, 2020
Venue: Vadim Sidur Museum, Novogireevskaya Street 37A

Curator: Sergey Babkin

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the Vadim Sidur Museum present a solo exhibition by Kirill Gatavan titled «Troubles Broken Apart». Sidur’s traumatic experience of war and the injuries he received during the battles shaped the artist’s life and work defining the starting point of the project. While Sidur considered it his duty to raise the vital topic of violence, Kyrill Gatavan, in his turn is interested, in how traumatic images with which the contemporary world is overflowed influence a person who is involuntarily exposed to them.

Exploring how violence invades everyday life, Gatavan seeks to convey the moment of contact with other people’s trauma and tries to express it through the figurative language of collage, the very method of which involves applying physical efforts to the material. Clippings from illustrations and books, cut into pieces and then reassembled, form images with new meanings thus demonstrating the ever-changing nature of matter. The delicateness of tracing paper, on which the works are produced, allows the body tissue to tear, causing an uncomfortable feeling of fragility and instability. The internal connections and principles of interaction between the objects can be deciphered from the old photographs found by the artist in different cities during his travels around the world or inherited from relatives. All in all, Kyrill Gatavan’s work makes us think about how violence is perceived as it is made visible through various mediums including «analog».

The project «Troubles Broken Apart» offers an contemporary perspective on how a person becomes subject to other people’s traumas being constantly exposed to the images of violence some of which have no connection with the initial story or meaning behind them.

About the Artist

Kirill Gatavan (b. 1986, Moscow) is a Russian artist who works with such mediums as graphics, collage, silk-screen printing and cyanotype. Gatavan has participated in the international festival of young artists «Art Session» (Kaliningrad, 2012), exhibitions «Manifesto Pulse-2» (St. Petersburg, 2015), «Against All» (VLADEY, 2017), «Acht» (Zwo Gallery, Vienna, 2018), «Private View» (Zwo Gallery, Vienna, 2019) amongst others. His solo exhibitions in Moscow include «The Bird Has Narrow Eyes» (Gallery A3, 2016), «Household Tenderness» (Brew House, 2016), Weil ich niemals dich anhielt" (Center Red, 2018).

About the Curator

Sergey Babkin is a curator. Since 2017, Babkin has been working at the exhibition department of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Since 2018, he has been coordinating the museum’s publishing projects and international exhibition projects. In 2019, he co-curated the festival «Space for Art», organized by the museum together with the Goethe Institut.


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