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The Government of Moscow
The Department of Culture of the city of Moscow
Russian Academy of Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Arts
The School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops»

V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

Workshop 2016. Personal Communications
Alexandra Kochetkova. “Interactions”, 2015. Acrylic, plastic, polyethylene, paper
Alya Khestanti. “Dalila”, 2015-2016. Mixed technique
Daria Neretina. “The Delicacy”, 2015. Porcelain, ready-made, fabric
Eva Arkacheeva. “Diaries”, 2016. Video
Eva Arkacheeva. “The Crumbled Landscape”, 2016. Oil on canvas
Irina Iva.How God sees, 2016. Oil on canvas
Varvara Grankova,-Common history-, 2016. Video
Date: July 27 — September 4, 2016
Venue: ММОМА, 9 Tverskoy boulevard

Curated by: Daria Kamyshnikova, Vladislav Efimov, Maria Bulatova

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and The School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» present the exhibition of students and graduates of the School «Workshop 2016. Personal Communications» within the framework of the Special program of V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. The exhibition will show different works of young artists in diverse media that appeal to problems of the relationship between artists and the outer world of friends, relatives, representatives of the professional environment and abstract concepts.

Personal relations along with competence and professionalism represent the key to success in personal and career development. «How can one pass over a relation!» — these words of Griboedov, that we learn in school years, are becoming the paradigm of building relationships in the modern world nowadays. And in hard times, this pattern is the only possible strategy for survival. One can interpret the stated theme according to the Latin proverb — Quid pro quo, «something for something», or «scratch my back and I shall scratch yours». On the one hand, it is a very pragmatic philosophy, on the other hand, the rudimentary principle of survival lies in its origins.

While offering artists the topic of personal relations to reflect upon, the author of the concept Daria Kamyshnikova asked herself whether young artists are included to the art scene and art community, in which the absence of objective criteria and the system of personal relationships become a portal into the world of great art itself.

However, this interpretation of the subject was not close enough to all artists. Many of them left their personal relationships with loved ones and abstract concepts on the forefront rather than their relationships with such powerful people as curators, gallerists and collectors that can radically change the young artist’s destiny. The formation of identity, faith in God and in yourself and your memories of ex lovers — that’s what excites young artists in particular. And in this case, the curator is no longer a judge or a guide in the brutal world of the art business, but a companion in conversations about intimate topics.

The annual exhibition project «Workshop» of MMOMA and the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» exists since 2001 and every year discovers new names in the Russian artistic scene. Traditionally the project involves students and graduates of the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops».

Artists: Eva Arkacheeva Sophia Astashova, Michael Bankov, Ilmira Bolotyan, Anna Butenko, Yulia Vergazova Varvara Grankova, Irina Iva, Olga Karetnikova, Alexandra Kochetkova, Evgenia Krasavchik, Daria Neretina, Valentina Novikova, Gurgen Petrosyan, Victoria Popova, Lyubov Sautina, Sophia Slonim, Alya Khestanti


Daria Kamyshnikova, head of the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» MMOMA, curator of the Young Art program of support MMOMA.

Vladislav Efimov, artist, curator, lecturer of the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops», the head of the Workshop of design photography.

Maria Bulatova, art historian, curator and coordinator of educational programs of the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops».

The School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» is the Educational Center of MMOMA. It was established especially for young artists and curators that start to work in the field of contemporary art in 1992. The founders of the School include such artists as Alexander Ponomarev, Vladimir Kupriyanov, Vladimir Nasedkin, MSU professor Vera Dazhina and Valery Turchin.

There are two directions within the School activity: the first one is to train a new generation of artists and support them on the way to the contemporary art industry; the other one is to train curators and analytical-oriented professionals. The main purpose is to train professionals to work independently in the field of contemporary art as well as to provide an opportunity for self-realization in individual and group projects, and to create an atmosphere for the artistic development and a different formation of views.

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