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Unity Of The Entires
Media Performance Festival
Date: July 13 - August 12, 2012
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 9 Tverskoy Boulevard

Curators: Asya Mukhina, Yulya Shirina, Patrick K.-H., Oleg Makarov

Dasha Gussakova
Natalia Obelchak
Anastasia Alekhina 
Olga Vavilova
Камо Цатурян
Irina Ivannikova
Arina Popiel
Kirill Veidash
Ann Kha
Victoria Ushkanova
Lena Demi-dova
Kamo Tsaturyan
Marina Stepanova
Yuriy Nagorny
Patrick K.-H.
Oleg Makarov
Asya Mukhina

What if contemporary art for you was above all the most natural form of self-search and self-identification in the community? Without the need of being a part of it or reserving own niche. You have just discovered something new yet familiar, and under no circumstances you would want to give up it. So one day you feel the need of sharing your discoveries with others, and finding your fellow-thinkers. Together you can create things impossible for a loner. Everything becomes simple. No supernatural philosophic concepts.

The museum. Experimental educational course called “Laboratory of Media Performance” with its` continuous creative collaboration, and existence in constant interaction. Isn`t this the very essence of performativity? Being on the edge. Standing on the borderline between visual and theatrical, between conceptual ideas and innovative methods, tested schemes and experimental research.
Contemporary media are physiological. They act as extensions of sensorial and mental perception mechanisms. Where physical abilities are inapplicable, the artist faces virtually inexhaustible material for implementing one`s fantasies, thought to be unachievable. In a manner of speaking media performance embodies the modernist dreams of a man-machine symbiosis. The results of mutual mergence between the humane and the technogenic are hardly predictable. As well as it is impossible to distinguish the prevailing element. Existing in constant race for predominance, they form figurative and semantic unity. The unity of the entires. 

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