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Olga and Oleg Tatarintsev
The Maximum Exclusions
Date: February 1 — 27, 2011
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art at 9 Tverskoy Boulevard

Curated by Sergey Popov


Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents The Maximum Exclusions, an exhibition by Olga and Oleg Tatarintsev. The artists who are usually seen as a couple work seldom together in fact, which is why their joint projects are so important. Olga and Oleg Tatarintsev are rightly considered to stand among the leading followers of minimalist art tradition. Their works can be found in important museums of contemporary art and private collections all around the world.

Their unique position on the art scene of Moscow is justified by the fact that ceramic, their favorite material, is usually excluded from the context of contemporary art. The Tatarintsev couple ruin all stereotypes with the mere fact of their long-lasting activity. Their objects of radically simple form are extremely complex in intellectual content and execution (some of them may take up to one year in the making); they are in the state of dialog with the whole tradition of world art, from Russian avant-garde to the newest post-minimalist sculpture.

The Maximum Exclusions exhibition unites 10 objects that present main stages in the creative career of the artists, along with several paintings. Among the exhibits are well-known sculptures, such as Segments, Road, and Steps, which speculate on different notions like parts and whole, structure and chaos, free growth of elements and their subordination to a precise plan, or repetition of similar fragments. Tatarintsev’s objects are realized with the help of an easily recognizable geometry, but also with color, which is an essential component in their art. In their sculptures, architectonics combines with painterly principles that turn the cold monumental objects into living works of art.

The Maximum  Exclusions project explores space as the platform for experiments in art. The artists reveal characteristics of space through objects and paintings alike. In Olga Tatarintseva’s large-scale canvases, the carefully planned geometry of form is the foundation for a new ambience in the familiar surroundings. This is the very The Maximum Exclusions by Tatarintsev — these artists have the power to create extraordinary things in the space of contemporary art, which seems infinite but is really full of limitations.


Oleg Tatarintsev was born on September 17, 1966 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Olga was born on April 4, 1967 in Ukraine. Both graduated from the Lvov Academy of Arts. In 1993, the artists moved to Moscow. Their works were displayed in 70 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including 11 personal shows.

The works can be found in the collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Folk Art (Moscow), Museum of Stroganov Academy of Art and Industry (Moscow), Ludwig Museum at the State Russian Museum (St Petersburg), Elagin Ostrov Palace Museum (St Petersburg), Museum of Decorative Art of Stieglitz Academy of Art and Industry (St Petersburg), Ukrainian National Museum of Monumental Ceramics (Oposhnya), Memorial House of Maximilian Voloshin (Koktebel), Lvov Academy of Arts, the collection of the Mayor of Moscow, as well as private collections around the world.

The catalogue of the exhibition will include the most important works by the artists.

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