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with the support of HEINEKEN INSIGHT
Mujuice. Unlimited #4. 2014
Mujuice. Unlimited #9. 2014
Mujuice. Unlimited #8. 2014
Mujuice. Unlimited #15. 2014
Date: September 5 - November 4, 2014
Venue: MMOMA, Tverskoy 9

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with The July 16 Art-Agency and the support of HEINEKEN INSIGHT proudly present the “Metamorphosis” project introducing the graphics by Roman Litvinov also known as Mujuice to international audience. This will be the first time that one of the most forward-minded musicians on the Russian arena will exhibit his artworks, despite the fact that Roman has been combining his talents for music and graphic design for quite a while. He has a university degree in Graphics, whereas his first music pieces came to life while he was still a child. Mujuice is not only the performer, but also the author of his own music videos and album cover designs. Along with his musical career, he has accumulated a wide range of visual materials; however, until recently, there had been no opportunity for their proper display.  The multimedia project “Metamorphosis” will mark the first attempt to bring Mujuice’s music and graphics together. The exhibition includes graphical posters, collages and video projections complete with Roman’s drawings on the walls and audio installations. The concept of a project first came up when working on the soundtrack to Alexey Lobanov’s motion picture “The Wings”. Series of sketches and photos had been emerging along with the music, up to the point when Roman realized all of these elements actually belonged to a single form. The projects, initially unrelated, will make up a whole within the exhibition space. “It’s hard for me to tell which of the two comes first: music or graphics”, Mujuice says. 

The “Metamorphosis” exhibition is another piece in the series of events taking place with the support of the Heineken Insight project revealing the peculiarities of Moscow’s various cultural communities and introducing the authors of new creative concepts to the broad audience. In other words, Insight allows you to look at the city events through the eyes of those actually creating them. The authors present their ideas while Heineken makes them familiar to anyone willing to be in the know, thus providing a link between the new creative leaders in art, design, music, fashion or entertainment. The “Metamorphosis” project looks into the interrelations between entropy, beauty and death; a theme featuring largely in Roman Litvinov’s creative work. The exhibition provides an unbiased perspective allowing to put aside the drama of death at the emotional level and just to admire its beauty. Roman brings up the images which no longer seem tragic or terrifying and which become mere fragments in the background of global chaos and entropy. The death in the works by Mujuice arouses no fear but becomes a turning point, a hypothetical transformation stage at the level of the hypothetical cosmos.

Metamorphosis has become Roman’s creative means while his music accompanied by video footage provides the multidimensional expression of the emotion he is willing to share.   “I would like to avoid the categoricalness, judgment and pomp. The metamorphosis means the progress”, the author explains.

The July 16 art agency founded in 2009 focuses on international interdisciplinary modern art projects and fosters cross-cultural communications between Russia and the West. The “Metamorphosis” takes up the series of events aimed at integrating creative initiatives into the public and museum space. 

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