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11 Russian Artists in Maglehem
Date: June 20 — 30, 2013
Venue: Maglehem, Sweden

Maglehem, a small Swedish village with a population of 162 people, located on the Baltic Sea shore, is an isolated community of artists, favorite throughout Sweden. Artists invite guests on Midsummer’s Eve, a holiday of the Summer solstice, widely celebrated in Sweden. Visitors come to the village to spend time in nature and to admire artworks by local artists. This year, the 11 Russian Artists in Maglehem exhibition will be presented here. It is a kind of response to the Maglehem — A Place on Earth exhibition, which occurred in Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2011. Eleven artists from Russia will bring their works to this unusual place.

In Maglehem, there’s neither a special art museum nor a gallery. Thus, local masters will host artworks by Russian artists in their own houses and studios. Besides, the exhibition is a part of the Midsummer holiday, and it will be accompanied with celebrations, master classes, excursions, feasts and barbecue parties. It’s an unusual form of presentation of contemporary art. We are more used to see art in museums and galleries. Artists from Maglehem follow the tradition of artists’ cooperation, established by the Barbizon school of painters, continued by Savva Mamontov circle at the Abramtsevo estate, as well as by artistic communities in Worpswede and Darmstadt. In the 20th century, the Soviet Apt-art exhibitions, the «Bulldozer» exhibition and the «Collective Actions» art-group’s actions called «Trips out of Town» maintained the tradition. The Maglehem community differs from all above mentioned events that it has been spontaneously formed. First of all, it is a community of people, and only then a community of artists, not vice versa. Residents of the location are united by their neighborship rather than common aesthetic or political views. Thus, the 11 Russian Artists in Maglehem exhibition will contain the most diverse artworks in different genres and media. Maglehem is not a field of battle of artistic styles, but a field of their friendship.

Artists are divided into pairs, a Maglehem-based accepting artist and a guest artist from Russia. They are Jan-Bertil Andersson — Maria Suvorova; Annika Fajersson — Daria Surovtseva; Håkan Berg — Natalia Sitnikova; Anna Rochegova-Cederholm — Maria Ionova-Gribina; Christer Wedman, Erika Wedman — Alexei Vasilyev; Curt Hillfon — Anna Birshtein, Svyatoslav Ponomarev; Malin Schønbeck — Marina Fomenko; Åke Carlström, Pia Carlström — Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf, Ivan Korshunov; Gunilla Widholm — Irena Makoveeva.

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