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IDEA International Dialogue for Environmental Action

Илья Федотов-Федоров. Позиции в углу
Лейла Алиева. Слон
Лейла Алиева. Счастье
Устина Яковлева. Mollusk II. 155x8x8
Date: April 28 — May 24, 2017
Venue: Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts. Tsereteli Art Gallery. 19 Prechistenka street, Moscow

The Project Curator: Herve Mikaeloff (Foundation Louis Vuitton)

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Russian Academy of Arts and IDEA public association present a charitable exhibition project «Live Life» featuring works by the artist and founder of the IDEA Foundation Leila Alieva and young artists from Russia and Azerbaijan. The Project aims at drawing attention to environmental problems.

Set up in 2011 in Baku, IDEA public association deals with enlightenment projects relating to ecological problems and their solving. The problem of nature protection is urgent not only in Azerbaijan therefore the association implements major international projects worldwide. The exhibition «Live Life» was already shown to the public in 2016 in Berlin, London and Paris. This spring under the support of MMOMA and the Russian Academy of Arts the exhibition will be opened in Moscow in Tsereteli Art Gallery.

The exhibition core is works of Leila Alieva: her bright and romantic paintings depicting rare animals and birds executed in almost fabulous folk manner are a metaphor making people sense the fragility and non-longevity of the nature. The display also includes works by young Azeri and Russia artists who are indifferent to the environmental problems and whose works are intended not only to focus the public attention on these global problems, but also to emphasize the significant role of art in the protection of nature. The exhibition’s nine participants are Victor Semenov, Ustina Yakovleva, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Mariam Alakbarly, Ragim Chopurov, Ailyal Geidarova, Timur Ozdamirov, Nailya Sultan and Fidan Navruzov. The originality of the artists so different from each other has specified the diversity of the show combining bio-art sculptures of Fedotov-Fedorov, photographs by Victor Semenov, ethnic motifs in the painting of Mariam Alakbarly, ornamental ceramics of Nailya Sultan, video-installations of Timur Ozdamirov created out of cotton and beads, eco-sculptures of Ustina Yakovleva.

The viewers of the exhibition will be offered a series of guided tours. One of the participants — OZ Group will make a digital installation inviting the viewers to find themselves «inside» the artworks presented at the exhibition. All the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be directed for support to IDEA Foundation project for cleaning the bed of the Kura river in Tbilisi.

About the curator:
Herve Mikaeloff is an independent art consultant and curator, since 2004 he has been cooperating with LVMH Group, at present works for Fondation Louis Vuitton. He is a graduate of l’Ecole du Louvre in Paris. At varies time Herve Mikaeloff has worked for the Fondation Cartier for Contemporary Art, Gallery Emmanuel Perrotin and the French edition l’ Officiel Art.

IDEA Foundation is a public association set up in 2011 in Baku by the artist Leila Alieva. The Foundation deals with the promotion of information on ecological problems, implementation of educational programs in partnership with international foundations for environmental protection.

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