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July 13 — August 12, 2012

The days when animation was restricted to cinema and TV screen are over. Having gained experience, and becoming mature and constituent animation no longer depends on a screen.

The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art being one of the major international art-events enriched the city`s cultural scene for the third time in summer 2012.

April, 13th — May, 13th 2012

Roman Mokrov’s exhibition NOTMOSCOW will open as a part of the Début Programme organised by the Free Workshops school of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

November 11, 2011 – December 11, 2011

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the «Only Red» exhibition by young artist Maima Pushkareva. It is a series of 8 artworks, made by the technique which is defined by the artist as the «body-print».

October 2 — October 27, 2011

The project of the creative duo Kolesnikov/Denisov 在俄羅斯 (Made in Russia) is a story with an intense plot about love, art, outsourcing, modern capitalism or, maybe, friendship of nations.

October 6 — November 6, 2011

Demonstrating her works as objects of passion for a supposed collector, Mukhina explores psychological and aesthetic aspects of collecting, and also creates ideal conditions for her artworks. Because the Collection is a place, where they are loved.

September 25 — November 10, 2011

«Achromatism» project explores connections between form, perception and influence of visual art.

May 21 — August, 28, 2011

Moscow Museum of Modern Art launches a new venue in the historical centre of Moscow. It is the Konenkov Memorial Museum-Studio.

2 June to 27 November, 2011

As part of the Collateral Events of the 54th International Art Exhibition — la Biennale di Venezia — Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the multimedia installation STARIE NOVOSTI (OLD NEWS) by Anastasia Khoroshilova.

September 8 — October 8, 2010

Victoria Gallery in Samara will host a reduced version of the Moscow show, with a slightly different corpus of exhibits. This display is also prepared by the team of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with curator Georgy Kovalenko.

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