Date: March 28 — April 23, 2017
Venue: MMOMA, 25 Petrovka street, Moscow

Curator: Jonas Žiburkus

Partner of the project: Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Russian Federation

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Russian Federation presents a solo exhibition of Vyacheslav Evdokimov entitled SIMILARITY WITHIN THE DISSIMILAR. «KARMALITA» is a pseudonym, taken by Vyacheslav Evdokimov in memory of his mother whose family lived in Western Ukraine at the crossroads of several cultures — Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Rumanian and Jewish. It is the influence of this multicultural environment that revealed itself in the later period of Karmalita’s creative work.

KARMALITA has remained faithful to the classical painting: the focus of his work is his inner life with its eternal existential questions, his relations with the loved ones, his lifestyle of a hermit and the surrounding nature. The variability of nature, books and music, rare but very sincere conversation with friends, his deep interest in the world art works create a rather special atmosphere of his studio — rooms in an old village house in the far outskirts of Vilnius.

The exhibition at MMOMA shows the «extensive» painting of Karmalita as if based on the extremes. His canvases are aesthetically refined but at the same time naturally random. They radiate the light of hope and frightening darkness; each of the author’s works resembles the inner life of a viewer who finds himself in the depth of his own thoughts ranging from absolute calm to causeless alarm. The starting point of Karmalita’s work is not a concept or series, but a personal visual and sensitive experience. His paintings can be called an intimate diary where are depicted not incidents, but the changings of seasons or days. The sunrise and nightfall are becoming reflections of the artist’s inner state and mood. At first glance, his dark canvases are almost monochrome, without extra shades; though on closer inspection the viewer can observe the incredible richness of colors, feel the life and something similar to a breath of the canvas’s surface. Not many figurative paintings can be easily decrypt, the imaginative stories are rather ambiguous, but the eye sliding on the surface of the paint itself as well as endless changes of light, colors and shades in works by Karmalita bring an aesthetic pleasure to a keen viewer.

About the artist:

Vyacheslav Evdokimov was born on April 18, 1946 in Khmelnitsky (Ukraine). In 1975 he entered the State Art Institute of the Lithuanian SSR and in 1980 graduated from its Monumental Art Department. Member of the Artists’ Union of the Lithuanian Republic. Since 1984 the artist has been living in the Vilnius region of Lithuania.

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