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Viktor Korneyev
Three Rooms
Date: November 12 — December 12, 2010
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 25 Petrovka Street

Three Rooms, a solo exhibition by Viktor Korneyev, in fact, unites three different projects in one display. In each room the sculptor creates a space with a special atmosphere, which contrasts with the surrounding reality. The first room is devoted to man in real space and time, as well as man facing the eternity. It is an attempt to comprehend the world in all its versatility and his body as a single unity. In the second room the viewer sees portraits of Russian artists of the early 20th century; here the author thinks about human personality and his own role in history and society. The third room uncovers the world of the subconscious, the eternal link between the present and the past, in the form of a human body that expresses some psychological conditions.

Through sculpture, Viktor Korneyev communicates with the subconscious, which is no less important than the real world. The sculptor tries to touch upon this subconscious, using three-dimensional volume.

In the author’s own words, depiction of the human body is the language that he uses to keep in touch with the spectator, ‘it is a chance to understand, to realize the distance between human existence and the unknown, the distance between oneself and the material world’. Human body is extremely rich in form and expression; it contains much that can appear in every movement. Images of the human body allow the sculptor to disclose time and comprehend the world, its history and oneself.

Biographical note:

Viktor Korneyev was born on July 24, 1958, in Tambov. He practices sculpture since 1979. In 1983, he graduated from Savitsky High School of Art in Penza, and in 1991 — from Stroganov Institute of Art and Industry in Moscow. Since 1992, he exhibits his work in Russia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries, and takes part in international sculpture symposiums. Viktor Korneyev’s works can be found at the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, art museums of Yaroslavl, Penza, Tolyatti, Barnaul, as well as collections in Sweden, China, and Croatia.

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