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Monkey Bars. Hand-Walker Sculpture
Andrei Bartenev. Wall Bars
2009; metallic construction; 880×370×450 cm
Date: September 27 — October25, 2009
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art at 25 Petrovka Street, room 34
Opening: September 26, 6.30 pm

Author and Curator: Andrei Bartenev

Andrei Bartenev presents a «hand-walker sculpture», his fantasy about wall bars, one of the most popular gymnastic apparatus. The artist fills almost the entire space of the hall with the bars and invites the spectators to exercise.
Wall bars, a gymnastic apparatus made of bars set closely against the wall, is a widespread home sport apparatus. It has proved to be effective for training of grown-ups and kids.

The room occupied with the wall bars is very attractive. After you have bought the wall bars, you can gradually assemble a home sport complex, adding if necessary all possible barbell stand benches, crunch benches, horizontal bars, etc. One should pay special attention to the wall bars equipped with rings, a ladder and a rope.

It is healthy to train children to exercise on the wall bar from early years. The goal is not only your child’s potential sports achievements, but also upbringing: values of healthy way of life, goal setting and achievement, gaining prestige among compeers.
The exercise course has a positive influence upon everyone’s health. It will be of special importance for people who suffer from scoliosis (including children) and especially helpful to the middle-aged and elderly persons (older than 40-50 years of age), since it prevents aging body changes that lead to height loss. The exercises can be used for warming up before further physical activities.


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