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Date: March 28 — April 9 2018
Venue: Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Petrovka 25

Auction: April 10 2018, 20:30

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and VLADEY present classic evening sale of Russian contemporary art. The auction includes works of museum quality, as well as new stars. The provenance of every piece was verified by experts, the works were included in exhibitions, published in catalogues and monographies.

The sale’s top lots are Vladimir’s Yankilevsky’s ‘Triptych № 21. Adam and Eve. V’ (2005) and his painting from the series ‘Woman by the Sea’ (1990), Georgiy Gurianov’s ‘Pilot’ (1988), ‘Girlfriends’ (1989) by Semyon Faibisovich, ‘Evening’ (1991) by Mikhail Schvartsman, ‘Natasha’ (2010) by the Vinogradov&Dubosarsky duet.

The central work of the auction ‘Triptych № 21. Adam and Eve. V’ (2005) by Vladimir Yankilevsky embodies a whole set of themes and is the ‘peak’ of the artist’s pictorial activity and of his concepts at a given stage of his career.

The gathered artists represent such schools as nonconformism, Moscow conceptualism, Sots Art, naive art, St-Petersburg’s ‘New Artists’. The lots are also interesting since they include works from different periods of artists’ lives and differ in style, from artists such as Anatoly Zverev, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Eduard Steinberg. It’s also worth mentioning the rare three works by the legendary group ‘Mukhomor’, and more precisely the album ‘Action-3’ (1979), which documents the manifestation and includes the famous picture where the artists spelled out a profane word with their bodies. Three works by Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin embody the main directions of their art. Boris Orlov’s ‘Red Cloud’ (1989), a version of which is in the Tretyakov Gallery’s collection. A rare joint collage by Timur Novikov and Oleg Kotelnikov titled ‘Leningrad — Stockholm’ (1980’s); the only work by Mamyshev-Monroe (which is rare for the artist), of him dressed up as Maryla Rodowicz titled ‘Penates’ (2007).

A number of works such as ‘Girlfriends’ (1989) by Semyon Faibisovich and ‘VP’ (2017) by Sergey Bratkov which are at times brutal and provocative, reflect the realities of post-Soviet and Russian life. Some authors turn to national kitsch — ‘Fatalism + Cynicism’ (2014) by Irina Korina and Stas Volyazlovsky’s pillow case which he made in 2014. Others are on the contrary detached from reality and think in abstract terms — ‘The Transcendent’s Valley (2013) by Vlad Kulkov or Victor Alimpiev’s ‘Admirer’.

As always, VLADEY supports young artists: the auction comprises works by artists such as Petr Dyakov, Tanya Pioniker, Oleg Ustinov, Alexander Tsikarishvili, Leonid Tskhe, Nestor Engelke and others.

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