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October 14 — November 29, 2020
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Oleg Lang
Direct painting
Curated by: Sergey Popov
Date: August 14 — September 13
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 25 Petrovka Street, 3-rd floor
Opening: August 13 at 6 pm

Even though Oleg Lang has been known as a «museum» artist since 1980s, it is his first monographic exhibition in the country’s capital. Dozens of his canvases are held in permanent collections of many Russian museums, including the Tretyakov Gallery and the State Russian Museum, and were often displayed within his solo shows.

Graduate of the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, Oleg Lang has managed to develop a unique artistique style. He was recognised as an outstanding painter already in the 1980s. His artistic trajectory is very individual, even though it can evoke certain associtions — now with «refined» primitivism, now with the brutality of «the New Fauves». For Lang, painting is a universal language, that has never lost its relevence and is still efficient. Using this language the artist, as in former times, can render anything he likes: from personal emotional experiences and childhgood memories to twists of world history, from non-representational improvisations to reviewing canonical motives of classical art.

The uniqueness of plastic moves is the necessary precondition for all Lang’s compositions — ranging from tiny, not more than several square centimetres large, to ten metres large canvases. His development never stops, however it is not progressive evolutionalry development. As language life or art evolution, this movement has no aim. For Lang, painting is the artit’s «direct speech», whose intonations may vary, but whose integrity is secured by the subject — the unity of human and creative freedom.

The show presents about 70 paintings, representing the artist’s oevre from 1980s to the present from the collection of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, from private collections in Moscow, and from the artist’s collection. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

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