Petrovka 25

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July 2 — September 27, 2016

MMOMA presents a new display of works from its vast collection of 20th and 21st-century art. This time, the exhibition is structured around a dialogue between the museum collection and eleven invited artists and art groups.

March 30 — May 9, 2016

The first annual festival of art as a way of life.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a large exhibition project, which will be an experiment for its participants as well as for its visitors.

15 февраля — 13 марта, 2016

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition of photographs by Viktor Danilov (b. 1951), celebrating the artist’s 65th birthday. The exhibition will feature a series of photographs made in New York, Moscow, Tbilisi and other cities the artist has visited. 

December 16, 2015 — March 8, 2016

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the exhibition One Within The Other. Art of New and Old Media in the Age of High-speed Internet. Halls of the third floor of the MMOMA venue at Petrovka street will contain eight art projects, produced with different materials and media, from painting to electronic means of communication, in the period of 2012-2015.

December 16, 2015 to March 13, 2016

The Polytechnic Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the State Literature Museum present 200 Keystrokes per Minute — an exhibition entirely devoted to the typewriter as an object and the main 20th-century tool for creating a literary text.

October 29 — November 29, 2015

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition by German Titov. It will occupy the Ballroom of the main venue at 25 Petrovka Street.

October 28 — November 29, 2015

Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the ABA Gallery presents the Beyond Dreams solo exhibition by Edward Bekkerman, a Russian-born American artist. The exhibition will show artworks of the author for the last 30 years in the 3d floor at 25 Petrovka Street.

September 15 — October 18, 2015

Special project of VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

The large-scale research of the phenomenon of Russian culture using different media is a total installation, which will occupy the entire 3d floor of the venue at 25 Petrovka Street.

December 16, 2014 – September 6, 2015

The exhibition is timed to mark the 15th anniversary of the MMOMA. The curatorial group headed by Executive Director Vasili Tsereteli is going to present the museum history in a rather unexpected fashion. FORM Bureau designed the architecture of the exhibition to come up with a one-off tour route so that the spectator may be able to see the museum from the inside after knowing all its ins and outs. The exhibition “Fortune Museum”  is not merely a reason to give a thought or two to history and things as they stand today, it is also a fair attempt at getting a glimpse of the future. 

June 06 - August 08, 2015

The exhibition has already taken place in Paris and Berlin. Now it is the turn of Moscow with the final stage of the project.  The display includes works by artists Marie de La Ville Baugé and Kim Kegelev, a photographer Ivan Pustovalov, as well as the photos of Moscow taken by students of the P’tit CREF.  centre.

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