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March 28 — April 9 2018

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and VLADEY present classic evening sale of Russian contemporary art.

April 26 — September 16, 2018

General Rehearsal is a content-rich, innovative presentation that combines works from three international art collections: V-A-C Foundation, KADIST and Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The project addresses for the first time V-A-C’s new approach to exhibition making, introducing a more fluid, transparent method of working collectively and engaging all disciplines equally. Designed to evolve and change like a living organism that adapts and responds to its environment, it adopts the structure of a theatrical play developing over three acts to be staged over a five-month period. In this framework, the project proposes considering artworks as actors in the play, having a potential agency similar to human beings.

February 13 — March 18, 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the Contemporary Art Gallery 11.12 and Mardjani Foundation presents «Dvoegorsk» — a solo exhibition by Rinat Voligamsi. The retrospective will bring together pieces created over the last ten years including the «Snow» (2011-2013) and «Unofficial Album» (2006) series.

December 19, 2017 — February 4, 2018

«Cloud Caught on a Mountain» consists of stories related to contemporary Dagestan. Stories are a starting point for all of Taus Makhacheva’s works and they are told in local vernacular: ordinary people, everyday objects, works of applied decorative arts, landscape, traditions, family lore and institutional archives.

November 28, 2017 — January 14, 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the second iteration of «Implicit Modernism», an exhibition based on Roman Babichev’s vast private collection of Russian XX century art.

November 21, 2017 — JANUARY 8, 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Arts presents «Mapping Trauma» — the first solo exhibition of Antoinette von Saurma to be held in Russia. The exhibition features works from four series produced in the course of the last five years: «Disasters» (2012-2017), «Shadow Archive I, II» (2015-2017), «Falling Gracefully into the Sea» (2016-2017), and «Generation» (2015-2017) as well as site-specific works created especially for MMOMA.

September 27 — November 20, 2017

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents «Implicit Modernism», a two-part exhibition showcasing Roman Babichev’s vast private collection of Russian art, which illustrates a new perspective in the conversation surrounding the problem of Modernism in Soviet art.


The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the RuArts Foundation presents an exhibition of graffiti-artists 0331c and GRISHA titled «Soot».

September 6 — October 22, 2017

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents «The 60’s in Rome», the first solo exhibition to be held in Russia of the Italian artist Giosetta Fioroni, one of the shining lights of pop art.

July 14 - July 23

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) is pleased to present an important new acquisition into its collection. It consists of ten graphic sheets from the 1990s featuring a depiction of two monsters, from the famous series «Installation for a Poor Cleaning Lady» by Dmitri Alexandrovich Prigov (1940-2007) — a poet and an artist, a foremost representative of Russian art in the second half of the twentieth- and early twenty-first centuries.

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