Current exhibitions

Petrovka 25
DECEMBER 19, 2019 - SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents its 20th anniversary exhibition. The project MMOMA 99/19 brought together 20 specialists in different fields of science and culture — from theatre directors and musicians to scholars and restaurateurs. Lead by the MMOMA curatorial team, they have come up with their special perspectives on the extensive Museum’s collection of Russian art, which vary depending on their professional activities.

Ermolaevsky 17
February 11 — August 25, 2020

«Remebering APTART» is the sixth project as part of the program «Collection. Vantage Point». The program represents a series of exhibitions with each of them studying the collection of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art from a certain perspective and using different research methods — from conceptual to formal.

The MMOMA Education Center on 17 Ermolaevsky Lane was opened in the winter 2017 on the one of the four venues of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The creation of such a Center has become a logical development of the museum’s activity in the sphere of education and popularization of contemporary art, which allows to consolidate and expand all existing educational projects of the museum.

Gogolevsky 10/2
August 20, 2020 — September 20, 2020

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in partnership with pop/off/art gallery, present the exhibition «Against the Grain», the first museum project of Ivan Novikov — a young artist who had asserted his presence in the early 2010s and, through the decade, has become one of the most remarkable and idiosyncratic participants of the contemporary artistic process in Russia.

July, 14th — August, 9th, 2020

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents EVA’s solo exhibition «The Other». It brings together several projects by the artist, both past and new, dealing with the dynamic and protean nature of media image.

Vadim Sidur Museum
July 22 — August 23, 2020

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Vadim Sidur Museum present Anna Rotaenko’s project «Ringtone», in which the artist continues to study the local context of the Perovo district. In her installation, through the use of rolled metal materials, which for long time served practical needs, the artist appeals to the historical memory of the district, which is one of the largest industrial zones in Moscow.

Vadim Sidur is a prominent figure among Soviet unofficial art of the second half of the twentieth century. His biography is a history of a person who struggled through the pre-war poverty, evacuation, experienced the Great Patriotic War and was severely wounded in the hostilities. A history of a person who thanks to his dedication to the way he had chosen was able to gain a voice to be listened to not only in his native land but also beyond its borders.


The Museum-Studio of Dmitry Nalbandyan was set up by the Moscow Government basing on the collection presented by the artist as a gift to the city in the end of 1992. Since 2018 the Museum-Studio is part of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art containing over 1500 artist’s works: paintings, sketches, drawings, photographs and personal belongings.

Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 15

Over 250 paintings, graphics, enamels, pieces of monumental and indoor sculpture.

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