Current exhibitions

Petrovka 25
October, 12th – November, 11th 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the wine company Cinzano present an exhibition ’Anticipating Aftertaste’ celebrating the 260th anniversary of the brand. Project at the MMOMA is intended to trace the history of one of the most famed Italian wineries, as well as to draw chronological parallels between the past and the future of the brand and to show its impact in the history of Italian art and design.

October 5 — November 11 2018

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation are happy to present exhibition Daemons in the Machine occasioned with the fund’s 10th anniversary. The project is dedicated to so-called «new daemonology» — artistic re-thinking of artificial intelligence, myths and ghosts of the epoch of autonomous machines.

September 27 — November 25, 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents an extensive exhibition The Salvation of Spaces consecrated to the art of Vladimir Salnikov (June, 10th 1948 — July, 24th 2015), well-known Russian painter, video artist and art theorist, and curated by Irina Gorlova and Leonid Bazhanov.

Ermolaevsky 17
September, 1st — November, 25th, 2018

School Without Center *Moscow is initiated by the art space District Berlin in collaboration with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Goethe Institut Moscow.

The MMOMA Education Center on 17 Ermolaevsky Lane was opened in the winter 2017 on the one of the four venues of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The creation of such a Center has become a logical development of the museum’s activity in the sphere of education and popularization of contemporary art, which allows to consolidate and expand all existing educational projects of the museum.

Gogolevsky 10
September 19 — November 04 , 2018

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and RuArts Foundation present Russia’s first-ever solo exhibition of Frank Shepard Fairey, one among the most influential street artists of our time. The Force Majeure Project features the works he created during the last 25 years, as well as his most recent oeuvre made specifically for the MMOMA exhibition.

October 10 — November 25, 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and MMOMA «Free Workshops» School of Contemporary Art present a solo exhibition of Sasha Kochetkova «The Room for Nineteen People’». The project is part of the MMOMA Programme for Support to Young Artists.

Gogolevsky 10/2
OCTOBER 12 — OCTOBER 24, 2018

The several year partnership of MMOMA with the Festival TERRITORIЯ has resulted in the fusion of theater and contemporary art in the Museum space providing a platform for new art practices and expansion of boundaries and possibilities of art.

Vadim Sidur Museum
September 20 — October 28,2018

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Vadim Sidur Museum present a solo exhibition of Georgy Litichevsky «Antinomy of the artistic mind». The name of the exhibition refers directly to three major philosophical works of Immanuel Kant «Critique of pure reason», «Critique of practical reason» and «Critique of judgment».

Vadim Sidur Museum is a Moscow museum of modern sculpture and the largest collection of works by the world recognized sculptor, graphic artist and poet — a distinguished representative of the Soviet avant-garde art.


The Museum-Studio of Dmitry Nalbandyan was set up by the Moscow Government basing on the collection presented by the artist as a gift to the city in the end of 1992. Since 2018 the Museum-Studio is part of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art containing over 1500 artist’s works: paintings, sketches, drawings, photographs and personal belongings.

Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 15

Over 250 paintings, graphics, enamels, pieces of monumental and indoor sculpture.

special projects

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is launching a new experimental program titled Carte Blanche, in the course of which the museum will be inviting artistic institutions to implement their own curatorial initiatives at MMOMA sites.

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