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Vera Petrova
Вера Петрова, Untitled, 2019
Вера Петрова, Untitled, 2019
Вера Петрова, Untitled, 2019
Вера Петрова, Автопортрет, 2019
Date: June, 29 — July 28, 2019

Curator: Darina Rogatskina
Curator of MMOMA’s Program to Support the Young Art: Daria Kamyshnikova

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops present a personal exhibition KUT (Soul) by Vera Petrova, dedicated to the relationships between a person and his/her past, present and future, part to Eternal Life Ministry, a long-lasting project of the artist. The project is realized within the MMOMA’s Program to Support the Young Art.

The exposition represents a complete installation and is a department of Eternal Life Ministry named «Kut» that in Yakut language means «soul.» In Ajii doctrine, the Sakha religious system, a soul consists of three different parts: Buor-kut — earthly soul, connecting a person to the earthly and materialistic, Salgin-kut — airy soul, responsible for mind and intelligence, and Ijee-kut — maternal soul, relating a person to his/her kin, traditions and culture. The key image joining Vera Petrova’s works is a circle, a symbol of the sun, an example of geometrical perfection and part of the Universe, the embodiment of a living soul. By immersing themselves in the space created by the artist the viewers almost dissolve in another world that comes not only in the form of paintings and sculpture, but as light, sounds, and movements.

The exhibition reflects on the human’s interaction with the world and ways of one’s eternal existence in other forms and kinds despite physical death. In her artworks, Vera Petrova combines pagan conceptions of the world order and natural cycles with the Christian linear tradition of understanding the time, and quantum mechanics. On the crossroads of these systems, the artist creates her installations inviting the audience to travel through metaphysical to earthly matters.

One of the installations at the exhibition uses a fragment of film Buor Kut by Yakut director and local historian Prokopy Nogovitsin.


Vera Petrova is an alumna of the Arctic Institute of Culture and Art (Yakutsk) and the MMOMA School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops. She is a participant of international and regional artistic projects. Vera has participated in a parallel program of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. She is a member of the Moscow Artists Union, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the Union of Russian Artists. Vera hs been entitled to a gold medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia for her Contribution to the Russian Culture. Her artworks are located in the National Art Museum of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), State Darwin Museum, and in private collections both in Russia and internationally. Vera has been also awarded a diploma of the Russian Academy of Art.


Darina Rogatskina is an alumna of the Archive faculty of the Russian State University for the Humanities, Higher School of the Art Practices and Museum Technologies of the Russian State University for the Humanities, and MMOMA Curator School Free Workshops. Darina is a member of the curator group of the exhibition Over There, Where No One Dreams (MMOMA). She has curated E=hν, personal exhibition of Vera Petrova at Bogorodskoe Gallery, Moscow Exhibition Halls. Darina also participates in Cycle artistic collective. She curated exhibition Art-lobster-tart (2018) at A3 Gallery, Moscow Exhibition Hall, and many other projects.

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