Sergey Sapozhnikov
Date: May 14 — June 17, 2018
Venue: MMOMA, 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a solo exhibition by Sergey Sapozhnikov. The exhibition is built around the DANCE series in which the artist recounts a love story through experimental dance as he mingles the codes of subcultural aesthetics with contemporary art and incorporates set designs and theatrical performance into the urban landscape.

The DANCE exhibition is the result of a creative collaboration between artist Sergey Sapozhnikov and dancer Alexander Kislov. Acting as a choreographer and director, Sapozhnikov has been creating a setting and a narrative to translate performance improvisation into visual art. Together they have been expanding the boundaries of contemporary dance combining it with the visual traditions of both street art and staged photography.

Sergey Sapozhnikov began his artistic career as a graffiti writer. Despite freeing himself from the restrictions of this movement’s stylistic canons he continued to use the streets as a setting for his photo sessions and remained faithful to the transient nature of street art. For each piece he would create a situation that forced dancers to enter into conversation with the space and then capture the emotional modulations of these interactions as they developed. As in street art, in Sergey Sapozhnikov’s works there is room for chance and improvisation. While in street art chance is allowed into an artwork thanks to the ever-changing city environment, in the DANCE project the chance element is due to the artist’s dialogue with dancers absorbed in performance. For Sergey Sapozhnikov this project is the first attempt to reflect on street art aesthetics which being far away from the canons of Classical Art had a profound influence on his generation.

The exhibition will feature works in a variety of media such as photography, video, and installation created by Sergey Sapozhnikov and Alexander Kislov in the course of their three-year-long collaboration. The exhibition will be accompanied by Alexander Kislov’s performances and guided tours with Sergey Sapozhnikov.

Sergey Sapozhinkov (born in Rostov-on-Don in 1984) is a contemporary Russian artist and photographer. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His major solo exhibitions include «The Drama Machine» (Don Foundation, Rostov-on-Don, 2016) and «Total Pictures» (Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan, 2014). His group projects include the «Cabaret Kultura» exhibition-performance (Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2016), «Space Force Construction» (V-A-C Foundation, Palazzo delle Zattere, Venice, 2017) and «Museum with Predictions» (MMOMA, Moscow, 2014).

Alexander Kislov (born in Rostov-on-Don in 1987) is a former acknowledged break dancer. Currently he is involved in experimental dance practice investigating the possibilities of the body. He graduated from the Department of Dance and Choreography of the Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts.



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