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Samara. Then Everywhere.
Russia in Works by Yuri Filippov
Farewell to Russian winter. Festivities. ​​ Oil on canvas ​.​ 340х212. 1965-1970
The tent city on the Volga. Oil on cardboard. 50x70. 1979
​Autumn motive in the village. Oil on cardboard. 50x70. 1968​
Still-life with roses and apples. ​ Oil on canvas ​.​ 60x80. 1995
Vilnius. Leinklos and Heydrich Streets. Pencil on paper. 42х66,5. 1987
Date: April 20 — May 22, 2016
Venue: MMOMA, 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard, building 2

Curator: Vladimir Prokhorov

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a solo exhibition of Yuri Filippov, the Honoured Art Worker of Russia, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a member of the International Association of Art AIAP (UNESCO). More than 150 paintings, photos, videos and archival documents from the collections of the author and the State Tretyakov Gallery will be exhibited on two floors of the premises at 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard, building 2.

The artist began his career with training in Penza Art College under the guidance of Ivan Goryushkin-Sorokopudov. The teacher cultivated in the young artist the love of the traditions of Russian realism, which influenced upon Filippov’s artistic style. In the postwar years, the painter studied at the Faculty of Battle and Historical Painting in Kiev State Art Institute. At that time many artists were attracted to the monumental and historical genre. They wanted to express the momentous processes that occurred in the country during the Great Patriotic War. In the 1960s, Filippov was a master, a participant of all-Union exhibitions. During these years, the artist linked his fate with Kuybyshev (now called Samara). Landscapes of Volga Region, views of the old Russian town occupied a central place in the artist’s work.

The period of the 1970s-1980s was marked by Yuri Filippov’s intensive and fruitful work. The master became interested in the nature of his native land. Gradually several themes came to the fore in his artworks. In particular, it was the theme of the road, which transformed into the philosophical reflection on the choice of the way, admiration of the sky and the interest in change of natural states in a single composition. There is no such sight in Samara region, which would not be displayed in Filippov’s canvases. Shiryaevo, the Zhiguli Mountains, floods of the Volga River are recognizable themes of the master’s landscapes, favorite topics of the local school of painting. Filippov treated Samara’s architectural heritage with special reverence. Through the love of his hometown, the artist wanted to get acquainted with distant corners of the Soviet Union, to look at the other Russia. The artist traveled much over the Golden Ring, the Crimea, the Baltic states. In his foreign trips, he also worked ceaselessly, finding new angles of famous «tourist» places.

Filippov loved to experiment. He tried to work in the abstract genre. In addition to the landscapes, he painted still-lifes and portraits. Time made its corrections in his figurative system and artistic style, but Yuri Filippov was fully in line with the energy that the Volga River gave him. It is like a red thread that runs all through the artist’s oeuvre. In its stable movement, the river constantly rushes forward past the changing shores. In Filippov’s work, the Volga becomes a link between the whole epochs and cities, replacing each other.

About the artist:

Yuri Filippov (1927-2012) is the Honoured Art Worker of Russia, the winner of the provincial award in the field of culture and art (2007), the winner of the 1st degree of the Regional Festival Symbols of Great Russia (2007). He was awarded the medals For Heroic Labor and Veteran of Labor.

Selected exhibitions:

1964 — Participation in the 1st Zonal art exhibition Big Volga (Kuybyshev)
1984 — Solo exhibition. Kuybyshev Regional Art Museum.
1995-1996 — Solo exhibitions in France (Paris, Arras, Marcq-en-Barœul, Saint-Amand)
1997 — Solo exhibition in Belgium (Brussels)
2002 — Solo retrospective exhibition Native Samara Region timed to the 75th anniversary of the artist. Samara Regional Art Museum.
2014 — Exhibition Origins of the Motherland. The State Duma of the Russian Federation (Moscow).

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