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Reflections in Colored Water Works on paper by Andrey Esionov
Curated by: Andrey Egorov, Anna Arutyunyan
Андрей Есионов. Елена. 2015. Бумага, акварель.
Андрей Есионов. Ильинка. 2012. Бумага, акварель.
Андрей Есионов. Лиза. 2015. Бумага, акварель.
Андрей Есионов. Новая Афродита. 2012. Бумага, акварель.
Андрей Есионов. Ода небу. 2015. Бумага, акварель.
Date: March 4 – April 10, 2016
Venue: MMOMA, 10 Gogolevsky boulevard, building 2

Curators: Andrey Egorov, Anna Arutyunyan 

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a solo exhibition by Andrey Esionov, a painter, a watercolor master and a graphic artist, who has successfully returned in art after a twenty year break. The artist, who restarted his artistic career in the early 2010s, managed to create a large group of new works just for several years of purposeful and hard work in his secluded studio near Moscow. Relying on his strong professional training, Esionov sets himself more complex plastic tasks. In a sense, he tests the limits of academic visual language. This paradoxical fusion of self-restriction and inner freedom, discipline and restless imagination determines his individual artistic style.

The exhibition in the second building of Moscow Museum of Modern Art at Gogolevsky boulevard is the first one, which fully presents Esionov’s large-scale watercolors. They are fairly compared to paintings by the artist himself. They are added by special exhibits, designed to expand the knowledge of viewers about the private space of the artist. Among them there are drawing tools, photos, some personal things, as well as videos.

The exhibition will comprise various watercolor series by Esionov. These are works, devoted to individual countries and cities, i.e. coast of Cyprus, streets of Moscow, Paris, Berlin and other European capitals, which he has visited. There are portraits and new genre pictures, where the artist focuses on separate motifs, forming a kind of the picture of life of a modern metropolis, i.e. mannequins in shop windows, tourist carriages, vivid street musicians and townsfolk. Wandering among the crowd, the artist seems to look at the world through the imaginary lens. He focuses sharply, zooms in and out, peering into the details. He always compares the figures of people with their architectural, natural and objective environment, thereby providing a semantic key to deciphering everyday situations, elevating them to the level of an allegorical statement.

Esionov applies his characteristic analytical approach to watercolor painting. However, he always keeps a few distanced position, as if he only distantly watches reflections, appeared on the surface of “colored water”. The artist doesn’t create spontaneous studies, as one can decide at first glance. He creates carefully elaborated compositions, a kind of seamless collages out of rich visual material, previously collected in pencil drawings. These sketches will also be exhibited, accompanying watercolors and revealing features of the artist’s personal method. 

About the artist:

Andrey Esionov was born in 1963, in Tashkent. In 1990, he graduated from the Painting Department, the Tashkent State Theatrical and Art Institute named after A.N. Ostrovsky. His first independent works attracted the attention of senior colleagues and art critics. But during the Perestroika period, the artist was forced to devote himself to business activities. 20 years later, Andrey Esionov made himself known, but as a mature artist. He has already held three solo exhibitions, in Moscow and Paris. Andrey Esionov is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. He has awards of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. He is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, as well as a winner of several prestige international festivals of art. 

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