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Masha Obukhova. Lords of the Flies
As part of the Young Lions Program
Date: October 31 — December 1, 2019
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art Gogolevsky Boulevard 10 | Contemporary Art School Halls

Curator of the MMOMA Program of Support for Young Artists: Daria Kamyshnikova

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Triumph Gallery present a solo exhibition by Masha Obukhova titled «Lords of the Flies», dedicated to the theme of children and childhood memories. The exhibition is held as part of the MMOMA Program of Support for Young Artists and Triumph Gallery’s Young Lions Program.

The exhibition is designed as an ethnographic research, where the object of study is a playground, a small world, an environment that influences personality development and formation. The artist depicts a tribe of children of different ages living in the same neighborhood. Occupying a small territory between a reservoir, which represents the forces of nature and gives the tribe everything they can imagine, and a playground with its rigid man-made construction, the children create a community with its social structure and rules from which some benefit and other lose. The artist’s research is continued in the «Habitat» photographic series, portraying the contrast between uninhibited natural forms and rigid metal structures of stairs and swings.

There is much of symbolism in Masha Obukhova’s exhibition. The attributes of the children’s tribe — masks, a butterfly-shaped kite, a voodoo bear and an invented alphabet — all bear symbolic meaning. All the artifacts are endowed with sacred qualities, but even possessing the key to deciphering them, many of us will never have a chance to use their power: as we grow older, childhood memories, containing the necessary knowledge for this, are gradually obliterated.

About the Artist

Masha Obukhova (* 1986) graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art (2012), Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art (2013), MediaArtLab (2016). Since July 2019, she has been a resident of the Studios of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Masha Obukhova participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions at various venues in Moscow, including the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the ARTPLAY Design Center, and the Factory Center for Creative Industries amongst others.

About the Young Lion Project

The Young Lion is a program of the Triumph Gallery for support to contemporary art. The program presents artists who are well-known to the public, participated in major exhibitions and are winners and nominees for art prizes. The artists involved in the project will offer their premiere solo projects to be exhibited in major Moscow museums.

The participants of the Young Lions exhibition program: Evgeny Granilshikov, Antonina Baever, Crocodile Power, Maria Safronova, Vladimir Potapov. In 2017 MMOMA will show exhibitions of Pavel Kiselev, Sophia Gavrilova and Natalia Timofeeva, Alexander Obrazumov, Anton Morokov and Anastasia Potemkina.

About the Triumph Gallery

The Triumph Gallery was set up by Emelian Zakharov and Dmitry Khankin in 2006. The Gallery works with distinguished Russian and international artists and support young art.

In addition to projects in its own space the Triumph Gallery curates major exhibitions in Russia and other countries and provides support to young art. In 2013-2015 in partnership with the Museum and Exhibition Association «Manezh» and «MediaArtLab» Center of Culture the Gallery organized exhibitions of media artists within the projects «Big Hopes» and «Fathers and Sons». In 2013 the Gallery established an interdisciplinary research and art project «Department of Research Arts». Since 2015 the Gallery has been holding exhibitions within the Young Lion project in cooperation with the MMOMA. In 2015 the Triumph Gallery presented solo shows AES+F and Recycle Group as part of the side program of the 56th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice.

About the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops

The School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops is an educational center under the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. It was created for young artists and curators, working in the field of actual art. The School was founded in 1992 by a group of artists and art historians. Among them there were artists, such as Alexander Ponomarev, Vladimir Kupriyanov, Vladimir Nasedkin, and MSU professors, i.e. Vera Dazhina and Valery Turchin.

Taking part in the School’s educational programs, students have an opportunity to learn from prominent teachers, successful cultural workers, celebrated philosophers and theorists of contemporary art. Young artists and curators plunge into the art world, partaking in master classes, group exhibitions, festivals.

As a part of the MMOMA, the School gives the students a unique opportunity to learn theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary art. At all stages of the artists’ careers, the Museum and the School support young artists, assisting them with participation in group exhibition projects (annual exhibitions of young art Workshop), organization of the first solo exhibitions (the Debut program for young artists), development of artistic careers (the Second Floor program), acquisition of artworks for the MMOMA collection.


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