Ivan Gorshkov. Everything Fountain
The Garden of Lost Reincarnations _
Скульптурная группа, железо, сварка, эмаль. 2018
Без названия.
Коллаж, смешанная техника. 2019
Из серии Гиперпрыжок и муравьед.
Пенопласт, железо, аэрозоль, найденные объекты. 2016
Из серии Мои родные милые места_
Макет-панорама, железо, стекло, пенопласт, аэрозоль, найденные объекты. 2018
Пейзаж. Из серии Гиперпрыжок и муравьед.
Пенопласт, железо, аэрозоль, найденные объекты. 2016 (с) Cosmoscow
Date: June 22 — August 25, 2019
Venue: MMOMA at Gogolevsky Boulevard, 10

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a solo exhibition by Ivan Gorshkov. Gorshkov is a prominent representative of the so-called «Voronezh Wave» in contemporary Russian art. The artists of this movement are known for their traditional art forms such as painting and sculpture rendered in a bold, «hooligan» manner. The exhibition includes Gorshkov’s works for the past few years such as the «Swan Lake» painting series, the «My Sweet Homeland» sculpture series, the installation «Utopia of Dragons», and selected works from the projects «Crystal Boots», «Hyper Jump and Anteater» and «Crème Brûlée». These works make up only a fraction of the show with most of the pieces being created specially for the occasion.

Freely combining materials, textures and visual languages, Gorshkov creates intrinsically dynamic, mutative images. The unpredictability and seeming randomness of their transformations constitute the recurrent theme of the show built around the concepts of metamorphosis and fairy tale. One thing turns into another and the other way around. Metal sculptures usual for Gorshkov transform into inflatables; LED boards are disguised as painted pictures; internet-memes crop up on abstract paintings; landscapes covered with artificial hair and inhabited by plastic animals pretend to be sculptures; garlands, movable furniture and a tank with gurgling water form a total installation; and even the museum’s courtyard has become home for a landscape sculpture and found objects.

Walking around the exhibition, you can come across the «Everything Fountain» — magic power which will transport you to allusive worlds that emerge in a whirl of ugly, infernal, eerie, monstrous, beastly, amiable, funny, curious, queer and absurd beings. Gorshkov brings together different cultural codes in a space devoid of hierarchy. Speaking of the artist’s intuition, this approach alludes to the way modern computer-generated environment influences artistic tools and audience perception. The artist explores new aesthetics that develops as the boundaries between art forms become blurred and different concepts and ways of thinking merge in one cognitive space.

The «Everything Fountain» project is a continuation of MMOMA’s program aimed at supporting young artists. As part of the program, MMOMA invites reputed artists to realize their ideas in the museum’s space. Over the years, numerous young artists, many of whom have become influential figures in the contemporary art scene, have taken part in this program.

Ivan Gorshkov

Ivan Gorshkov was born in 1986 in Voronezh. Gorshkov is the co-founder of the Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art, a member of the «Border Investigations» group (together with Arseny Zhilyaev and Ilya Dolgov). Gorshkov graduated from the Art Department of the Voronezh State Pedagogical University (2008). He won the title «Artist of the Year» of the Cosmoscow Art Fair (2017), He is a three-time recipient of the grants program in support of emerging Russian artists of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Gorshkov collaborates with such galleries as Marina Gisich Gallery (St. Petersburg) and Diehl Gallery (Berlin). The artist’s solo exhibitions were held in Voronezh (Kh.L.A.M Gallery), Moscow (Winzavod, Paperworks Gallery), St. Petersburg (Marina Gisich Gallery), Vienna (Knollgallery, AA collections), Berlin (Diehl CUBE), Paris and Budapest. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions. Ivan Gorshkov lives and works in Voronezh.

Alexey Maslyaev

Alexey Maslyaev (b.1985, Moscow Oblast) is a curator and culturologist. Maslyaev is the Head of the Sector for Research and Methodology of the Education Department of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), curator of the Cosmoscow Foundation for Support of Contemporary Art (Moscow). Maslyaev was nominated for the Innovation Prize in the category «Curatorial Project» (with the exhibition «No Water Tomorrow») and in the category «Regional Project» (with the exhibition «History Demands to Be Continued»). He was also nominated for Sergey Kuryokhin Prize in the category «Best Curator’s Project» (with the exhibition «No Water Tomorrow»).


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Moscow Museum of Modern Art expresses its sincere gratitude to the institutions and individuals including Marina Gisich Gallery, the Kh.L.A.M Gallery, the AZ Museum and personally Natalya Opaleva who have loaned works for this exhibition.


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