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Joan Miró
From the collection of the Pilar and Juan Miro Foundation of Palma, in Mallorca
Date: April 26 — June 9, 2013
Venue: The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 10 Gogolevsky Blvd

Curated by Elvira Camara Lopez and Maria Luisa Lax Cacho

Chereshnevy Les (Bosco di Ciliegi) Open Art Festival and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art present the exhibition «Joan Miró. Imagery,» which is arranged to coincide with the 120th anniversary of Joan Miró, the world-renowned Spanish painter, graphic artist and sculptor, Father of the modern Avant-garde, and one of the most prominent figures of Abstract and Surrealist movements in the 20th century art.

Such an exhaustive exhibition of the work of Joan Miró — an artist and art revolutionary who helped change the stereotypes of the 20th century artistic thinking— will be held in Russia for the first time.

The exhibition comprises the works created over the last 30 years of the artist’s life. More than 200 works, 14 sculptures, drawings, book illustrations, photographs and graphics from the collection of the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation of Palma, Mallorca, will be on view.

The works of the exhibition «Joan Miró. Imagery.» will take up the entire space of the MMOMA venue on 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard. Therefore, the exhibition will be a perfect opportunity for the Russian spectator to acquaint oneself with the work of Joan Miró. Besides, a structured display is designed to turn ordinary visitors into admirers while enabling connoisseurs of Miró’s art to immerse into the world of artistic fancy of the master.

The exhibition’s organizers and the curators Elvira Camara Lopez and Maria Luisa Lax Cacho suggested highlighting basic subjects in Miro’s oeuvre i. e. a leitmotif running throughout his art. The exhibition space is divided into zones; each of them showcases a particular image favored by the artist: graphic signs, a landscape, a bird, constellations, a woman, a character, a head.

JoanMiró’s studio will be recreated in one of the museum halls. Though partially reconstructed, the studio is nevertheless intended for the spectator to feel an atmosphere where Miró created his masterpieces. A reconstruction is also meant for researching into the artist’s method from the «inside.» The reconstructed studio will feature unique exhibits, the artist’s most essential implements, such as: the master’s table on which the canvas stretchers were fixed, paintbrushes, a palette still holding some of the paints mixed by Miró, traditional Spanish clay toys. The latter were the source of inspiration for the artist as to his series of figurines. The studio is part of the display courtesy of the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation, which was set up for the purpose of collecting and researching the work of young artists.

Documentary footage and other materials pertinent to the life of the artist will constitute a special niche of the exhibition.

Directing his creative energy and impetuosity toward the pursuit of a new expression language, Miró was challenging the established rules of the world of arts. The artist engages in experimentation in his drawings and paintings by replacing realistic forms with abstract geometric figures. The world of pliant creatures is born out of the artist’s fancy. Those creatures are capable of freely changing their shape and location in space. In Miró’s paintings, the idea of the art space permissible limits is subject to change; strokes and paints are applied at liberty as if they were meant to go outside the frame of a painting; the lines of one painting seem to be spilling over smoothly into another one.

Miró uses his singular manner when it comes to other media: sculpture, silk screen printing, lithography, engraving and ceramics. The whole range of every possible format and material is used in his sculptures designed to breathe life into the most fanciful characters and images. These «go-as-you-please» rules also apply to Miró’s sketches, book illustrations, drawings and ceramics.

A catalogue of the Joan Miró oeuvre will be published to coincide with the exhibition. The catalogue is meant to shed light on the multifarious personality and talent of the artist.

Chereshnevy Les Open Art Festival is held every spring to share most valuable and exquisite impressions with the friends of the festival. Getting a closer look at the art of the Spanish painter and sculptor Joan Miró was the reason why the organizers of the festival decided to share their impressions with the Moscow public. To quote from Edith Kusnirovich, the director of the festival: «Having set our sights on the idea of bringing the art of the world-famous painter Joan Miró to Moscow, our colleagues from the MMOMA and we took a trip to the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Palma de Mallorca. We were fascinated by the collection of his works. The MMOMA venue will help present the art of Miró in an interesting way by granting an individual hall that will deal with the particular subject of the work of the artist. I’m glad to have made this exhibition happen.
The Miró exhibition of such a scale will be held in Russia for the first time.»

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