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Date: 04.05.2017 — 04.06.2017
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art. 10/1 Gogolevsky Boulevard, Moscow

Curator of the MMOMA Program for Support to Young Art: Darya Kamyshnikova

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art in partnership with the «Free Workshops» School of Contemporary Art presents a solo exhibition of Evgeniya Buravleva entitled the «Uplifting practices». The exhibition runs as part of the MMOMA Program for Support to Young Art.

The modern world puts a man, insensibly from him, in rigid vertical frames. Big cities aggravate the situation by high buildings, walls, a tape of social networks always tending upwards: each of us wants to grow, to climb the ladder of social and material well-being. Even the time shrinks and turns into the same vertical segments — home-transport-work-transport-home, where intervals are filled with the flashing of Instagram tape. In this flickering of images and meanings our life is contracting to a sign. In his «Dialectics of the Myth» A. Losev wrote: «The time like the space has folds and breakouts. Not once I have experienced some pits and breaks in time. Sometimes, the time seems to have ended, but all of a sudden it starts whistling and swirling in a whirlwind». A modern city dweller, who is whirling in this whirlwind, is also deprived of the time reference points.

The «Uplifting practices» project is part of a major cycle entitled the «Rehabilitation», where Evgeniya Buravleva considers the time as an integral element of the landscape. The Rehabilitation is not only a way, movement, readiness to take the first step into a rather uncertain space, but also the time which is required to walk this way. The man facing this space is similar to a child who for the first time is preparing to jump from the tower into a pool and ahead of him is an alluring depth.

The «Uplifting practices» project includes paintings and video-works depicting impersonal landscapes of Central Europe. The infinite and stiff horizon also needs a rehabilitation and redevelopment. In some works appears a «character» often playing a role of the background aimed at becoming a measure of distance and time filling the whole artwork. The video-works immerse the viewer into the landscape space while putting him in the place of that tiny man who needs to go on the road stretching along the horizon or cross the snow-covered forest. «In the inconspicuousness of one and the same the simplicity conceals its blessing. And the breadth of all that has grown and ripened in its being along the road gives us peace. In the declension of its speeches [...] for the first time God becomes God» (Martin Heidegger. «The Field Path». 1949).

About the artist:
Evgeniya Buravleva was born in Kirov in 1980. She graduated from V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute, upgraded her skills in the University of Arts in Berlin. Evgeniya Buravleva is a holder of a Medal of the Russia Academy of Arts and since 2009 — a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

Solo exhibitions:
— «Earth-Air», Brown Stripe Gallery. Moscow, 2013
— «Cities» (in partnership with A. Osipova), Open Club Gallery. Moscow, 2013
— «In the Cities», the Stavropol Local Museum pf Fine Arts. 2012
— The Body of a City" (in partnership with M. Suvorova). Kuznetsky Most 20. Moscow, 2012
— «Evgeniya Buravleva. Painting». Kovcheg Gallery. Moscow, 2012
— «The Spring is Coming» (in partnership with E. Plotnikov), 5 Starosadsky pereulok, Moscow. 2009.

About the «Free Workshops» School of Contemporary Art:
The MMOMA «Free Workshops» School of Contemporary Art is an educational center for young artists and curators working in the contemporary art. The School was set up as part of the Museum in 1992 by a group of artists and art historians. Students of the School have an opportunity to study theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary art under eminent lecturers, distinguished figures of culture, philosophers and theorists of contemporary art. The Museum and the School offer their support to young artists at different stages of their artistic career through the organization of group and solo exhibitions, as well as the acquisition of their works for the Museum’s collection.

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