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Aslan Ahmadov
Date: December 11, 2012, — January 20, 2013
Venue: State Museum of Contemporary Art of the Russian Academy of Arts, 10 Gogolevsky boulevard

At the RED exhibition, Aslan Ahmadov searches for an answer to the actual question of the modernity about new forms of cognitive activity. Equipped with the camera, digital technologies and the old paintbrush, the artist creates a universal structure of self-knowledge of the subject. For more than fifteen years, the artist has been actively working in the field of fashion photography, finding new ways of visualization. Starting from artworks in gloss magazines and ending with special projects with celebrities, Aslan Ahmadov accurately and clearly expresses the idea of human beauty. He has used his accumulated experience in his project titled the RED.

Not only his works, but also their mountings are symbolic. Each picture is framed with glass. It creates a protection line between the viewer and his inner unconscious processes. The artist doesn’t want to present individual feelings, instantly found by the viewer, but forces him to peer through the glass again and again, searching for the new world in his reflection. Ahmadov’s digital painting induces the viewer to phenomenological reflections, which search for support in the unconscious of its own. Thus, at the exhibition visitors can get answers to their questions. Aslan Ahmadov is much occupied with video materials. He will present one of his works of the same title RED in a separate hall of the MMOMA. The artist describes the concept of his exhibition as follows, «I’ve selected the best and unusual photos to transform them into a more expressive rather than just an ideal and understandable image. I’ve been looking for a new way to reveal characters of my works in photography». During the exhibition an official web-site will be launched. It will show some artworks of the exhibition.

The general partner of the RED exhibition is the Nobel Biocare Holding, a world leader in esthetic dentistry. Original understanding of beauty and perfection provided by Aslan Ahmadov has found a broad response among representatives of the international company, which activities are directly related to implementation of harmony and esthetics.

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