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Anna Tretyakova. Metaflora
Date: January 29 — March 15, 2020
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern, Art Gogolevsky Boulevard 10 | Contemporary Art School Halls

Curator: Maria Bulatova
Sound: Marina Ragozina
Curator of the MMOMA Program of Support for Young Artists: Daria Kamyshnikova

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the «Free Workshops» School of Contemporary Art present a total installation by Anna Tretyakova titled «Metaflora» about the ways of equal communication between man and nature. The project is part of the MMOMA Program for Support of Young Artists.

In a situation where a person’s culture is focused only on himself and the process of self-reflection dominates, Anna Tretyakova tries to shift the focus on the perception of nature and show its fragility, as well as other ways of reading and interacting with it.

The artist’s research began in 2016 and continues today. The main focus of the project
is directed towards a new metaphysics, which has replaced the qualitative properties of animate and inanimate objects and synthesized with digital codes, ritualism and sensualism. The exhibition «Metaflora» includes videos, performances, photos, objects and installations of the artist.

About the Artist

Anna Tretyakova was born in 1984 in Moscow. An artist who works in the fields of performance, installation and mixed media. Graduated from Moscow State University of Service / Institute for the Decorative and Applied Arts and Design (2007), MMOMA «Free Workshops» School of Contemporary Art (2013), PYRFYR Performance School at the Solyanka State Gallery, class Elena Kovylina (2014). One of the founders and a member of the expert council of the Tretyakov Prize. Anna Tretyakova participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions at various venues in Moscow, including the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the AZ Museum, the Gallery Electrozavod amongst others.

About the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops

The School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops is an educational center under the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. It was created for young artists and curators, working in the field of actual art. The School was founded in 1992 by a group of artists and art historians. Among them there were artists, such as Alexander Ponomarev, Vladimir Kupriyanov, Vladimir Nasedkin, and MSU professors, i.e. Vera Dazhina and Valery Turchin.

Taking part in the School’s educational programs, students have an opportunity to learn from prominent teachers, successful cultural workers, celebrated philosophers and theorists of contemporary art. Young artists and curators plunge into the art world, partaking in master classes, group exhibitions, festivals.

As a part of the MMOMA, the School gives the students a unique opportunity to learn theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary art. At all stages of the artists’ careers, the Museum and the School support young artists, assisting them with participation in group exhibition projects (annual exhibitions of young art Workshop), organization of the first solo exhibitions (the Debut program for young artists), development of artistic careers (the Second Floor program), acquisition of artworks for the MMOMA collection.


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