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Александр Храмцов. «Доктор Айболит» к книге Корнея Чуковского. Бумага. Смешанная техника. 2016
Степан Грудинин. «Корабль. Любовь». Темпера, оргалит. 2007
Святослав Ушаков. «Догоняют свой пароход». Пастель, маркеры. 50х65. 1997
Д. Резчиков. «Осень». Смешанная техника. Авторский принт. 2009.
Date: May 31 — July 3, 2016
Venue: MMOMA, 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard, building 2

Curators: Natalia Grabar, Fatima Ibragimbekova, Maksim Polzikov

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the Animators. Life Behind the Scenes project. The exhibition comprises prints, videos, cartoon sketches, photos, illustrations to animations, puppets and collages by Russian animators. Stepan Grudinin, Dmitry Rezchikov, Alina Tatarskaya, Svyatoslav Ushakov, Alexander Khramtsov and Aleksey Chistov are among them. They are creators of such iconic animated films as «Belka and Strelka», «Dunno on the Moon», «Khara Mamba Ru» (a music video for band Nogu Svelo!), «Man and Cat» (a music video for band «Nol»), «Wild Swans», «Ku! Kin-dza-dza!» and others.

The word «animator» comes from the Latin word anima, which means soul. Thus, the animator is a person, who animates and gives a soul to the character. The animators have a special gift to notice the unusual real moments and details, which an ordinary man doesn’t mark, as well as to transfer their imagination, if it really exists and is an integral part of our lives.

The contemporary cartoon film originates from newspaper and magazine cartoons, as well as from traditions of comic books. But the convergence of graphic art with the cinema and the ability of the animator to turn a static image into a moving one turned the cartoon into animated graphics.

The Animators. Life Behind the Scenes exhibition aims to introduce the viewer to the world of contemporary Russian animators. The multimedia exposition shows not only the process of creating an animated film, but also the things that generally remains «behind the scenes».

A charity auction will be held during the exhibition. The proceeds of this auction will go to the Fight Against Leukemia Fund and the Hospice charity fund Vera to build the «House with Lighthouse» children’s hospice. The MMOMAKids children’s center of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art will provide master classes about the world of animation for children, open for everyone.


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