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Alena Tereshko. This Apple
Алёна Терешко, из серии «Без названия». Холст, масло. 2017
Алёна Терешко, из серии «Без названия». Холст, масло. 2017
Алёна Терешко, из серии «Без названия». Холст, масло. 2017
Алёна Терешко, из серии «Без названия». Холст, масло. 2017
Алёна Терешко, из серии «Поле». Холст, масло. 2015
Date: February 8 — March 17, 2019



Curator: Antonina Trubitsyna
Curator of the MMOMA Program for Support to Young Artists: Daria Kamyshnikova

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art presents Alena Tereshko’s solo exhibition titled «This Apple». The project is part of the MMOMA Program for Support to Young Artists.

«This Apple» is the result of Alena Tereshko’s four-year exploration of physicality and the peculiarities of the human visual perception. The exhibition title derives from a poem by Mikhail Gronas «Today I was left without a body...» (2001). The exhibition curator Antonina Trubitsyna believes that the poem expresses the core of the project, «Contemplating, shaping, refining. Sensation, vision, a gaze, the body. A view point, balance, gravity, comprehension. All these concepts make up the reference points that one can reflect on while walking around the exhibition. They are all paradoxically connected by the idea of apple.»

The project is built around the artist’s body, which is viewed from the position of both the one who looks and the one who is looked at. Captured without using any additional tools (for example, a mirror, photography or video), it conveys dynamism and plasticity.
The series of paintings, video installation and sketches presented at the exhibition are, in the curator’s view, the result of «mental performance» in which the artist tries to comprehend herself through observation of her bodily sensations. Offering an unusual perspective on the human body, «This apple» invites viewers to pay closer attention to their body perception.

MMOMA and the project’s authors express their gratitude to Mikhail Gronas for allowing using his poem and to Valentina Lutsenko for participating in the exhibition opening.


Alena Tereshko (1986) graduated from Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after Stieglitz (2013) and from the School for Young Artists at PROARTE Foundation (2013). Tereshko is a member of the «Parazit» art group and the «KhudKruzhok» collective. Tereshko is the winner of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize (2017) in «The Best Media Object» category. Alena Tereshko works with performance, graphics, animation, and video. Tereshko’s works were displayed at numerous exhibitions and festivals, including «Leib & Körper» (Laboradoria Intimnoe Mesto, St. Petersburg, 2018); «Unforeseen» (Inner Voice gallery, St. Petersburg, 2017); Conditional field (TAIGA Space, St. Petersburg, 2015); «Exhibition of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award Nominees 2017» (Sergey Kuryokhin Center, St. Petersburg, 2018); Om Jag Bara Kunde (Köttinspektionen, Sweden, 2018); «Nepokorennye Prospect» (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2017); «Between fatigue: towards the new forms of life», Parallel program of the 4th Ural Biennial (Yekaterinburg, 2017); «World Building», Special project of the 4th Ural Biennial (Nizhny Tagil, 2017); «Lost in Translation», Special project of the 55th Venice Biennale (Italy, Venice, 2013); Art Fair Suomi (with the «Parazit» group, Finland, Helsinki, 2017).


The Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art is an educational platform for young artists and curators working in the field of contemporary art. The school was set up by a group of artists and art historians as part of the Museum in 1992. The school’s students study theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary art under eminent lecturers, distinguished figures of culture, philosophers and theorists of contemporary art. The school offers its support to young artists at different stages of their artistic career through organizing group and solo exhibitions and acquiring their works for the museum’s collection.


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