Alexander Pogorzhelsky
Power Point
Curated by: Darya Kamyshnikova
Alexander Pogorzhelsky. Cityscape № 1. From the series «Abstract sculptures». 2014. Oil on canvas. 55х70 cm
Alexander Pogorzhelsky. Park. From the series «Abstract sculptures». 2014. Oil on canvas
Alexander Pogorzhelsky. Untitled. From the series «Abstract sculptures». 2014. Oil on canvas
Alexander Pogorzhelsky. Zorats Karer. Armenia. From the series «Megalith & people». 2014. Oil on canvas. 55x70 cm
Alexander Pogorzhelsky. Untitled. From the series «Tourists». 2014. Oil on canvas. 40,5x40 cm
Date: February 11, 2015 – March 9, 2015
Venue: MMOMA, 10 Gogolevsky blvd

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the Power Point project by Alexander Pogorzhelsky, one of the most promising young painters of Russia.

The artist’s oeuvre is remarkable for the desire to identify the essence of the moment, color perception and vision of reality. Alexander Pogorzhelsky analyzes his feelings that arise in the process of contemplation. The author paints his artworks on memory, researching their new facets. The artworks call to reflect on the transience of time and on what remains when the boundaries of visual and sensual are eliminated.

The exhibition on the ground floor at 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard is conventionally divided into four interrelated parts. The works are made as field sketches. The exhibition is based on the images of megaliths that are located in all corners of the globe, often called the power points. Characters and objects that excite the author are in the canvases to emphasize the inexhaustible admiration of the mankind before the ancient monuments. Tourists, traditionally loaded with cameras, rucksacks and other objects of camp life, catch the eye of the artist. In contrast with them, in canvases there are people, who are able to put everyday objects aside, to feel the majesty of forms of the ancient artifacts and to experience the history of the place. The ancient stone monuments and rock paintings are the next part of the composition and form the focus of the scenery, making amazing landscapes. Modern abstract sculptures that surround us in the everyday life of big cities seem to be inspired by the strange forms of the prehistoric monuments. 

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