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The «Space for Art» experimental project conceived and realized through the joint efforts of the Goethe-Institute in Moscow and MMOMA is a year-long program that aims to reflect on current changes in the functioning of contemporary art in Russia and Germany by analyzing new forms of artistic practices and collaborations, the developing economic conditions in which institutions, artists and curators operate and these actors’ sensitivity to the political climate. Today in both countries the role of museums extends beyond the preservation of cultural legacy to include providing a platform for experimentation and the creation of state-of-the-art practices. The project aims to develop and diversify inter-institutional dialogue and create a platform free of the usual institutional restrictions.


D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig
Based on These New Dependencies, We Define Five Normal Forms
Date: May 16 — August 26, 2018

Curated by Lena Brüggemann
Workshops: Constanze Müller, Ilmira Bolotyan

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) together with the Goethe-Institute in Moscow presents an exhibition titled «Based on These New Dependencies, We Define Five Normal Forms» which makes up the second part of the project «Space for Art». The exhibition aims to explore new forms of social relations and means of creating and sustaining self-organized groups and draw parallels between pieces from the MMOMA’s collection and works by contemporary artists.

The project «Based on These New Dependencies, We Define Five Normal Forms» aims to reflect on the evolution of social relationships, articulate unarticulated desires towards new relations and foster propositions on how we can live together. The exhibition and an education program accompanying it take as their starting point ideas of the socio-cultural and artistic movement Proletkult which, in particular, focused on the problem of the incompatibility of prescriptive management with the principles of self-organization. Drawing on the functions of the Soviet workers‘ club the exhibition space at 17 Ermolaevsky Lane acts as a place to experience art, a library, a training ground and an oracle — changing its function according to the activities taking place.


Agency of Singular Investigations (RU); Elsa Artmann & Samuel Duvoisin (DE); Zbyněk Baladrán (CZ); Ilmira Bolotyan (RU); Paula Gehrmann (DE); Pavle Heidler (SE/HR), Marko Gutić Mižimakov (HR), Silvia Marchig (HR), Sonja Pregrad (HR) & Elli Kuruş (DE); Adelita Husni-Bey (IT); Anne Krönker (DE); Kirill Savchenkov (RU); Katharina Zimmerhakl (DE/US) and works from the collection of MMOMA by Andrey Brey, Anatoly Eremin, Yefrosinia Yermilova-Platova, Nikolay Kupreanov, Vera Milyutina, Gerta Nemenova, and Alexander Rodchenko.

D21 Kunstraum

D21 Kunstraum is a non-profit space for contemporary art which was found in 2006 in Leipzig. It is a platform for topics relevant to society to be communicated and discussed through the medium of art. D21 Kunstraum’s curatorial program was and remains focused on topical and international art work, especially in the format of media art, photography, installation and performance. The space is administered by a self-organized association of volunteers consisting of artists, cultural students and workers, art enthusiasts and others.


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