Ermolaevsky 17

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February 10 — March 13, 2011

Rauf Mamedov is a postmodernist. He employs the core principles and elements of this movement to attract the viewer’s attention to the biggest problem of today — the loss of moral and ethical virtues.

December 17, 2010 — January 30, 2011

Started in January 2007 after several years of scrupulous investigations and methodical research, History of Russian Video Art is a three-part project consisting of a series of exhibitions, lectures, screenings and publications illustrating the birth, first steps and further development of video as an artistic form in Russia.

November 3 — December 5, 2010

Ivan Chuikov has long been and remains a challenging figure in the international art scene — this is what makes him truly unique.

28 — October 24, 2010.

This exhibition presents works by renowned Russian artist Alyona Kirtsova.

July 2 — August 2

The two-part project «Liberty» / «Freedom» demonstrates how young authors treat the problem of crossing borders.

July 2 — August 2

Border is the place where one thing ends and another one begins.

July 2 — August 2

Russian-French project organized by Privoszhsky Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts and supported by the Embassy of France in Russia.

May 15 мая — June 13 2010

«Exhibition Continues» project at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art will feature a range of familiar works by Anya Zholud within one artistic and physical space.

The Eighth International Photography Month in Moscow: Photobiennale 2010. Projects in Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

January 28, 2010 — March 14, 2010

Selected works, 1980-2010: installations, paintings, objects, graphic works, photographs, video.

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