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Date: DECEMBER 16, 2017 — MARCH 11, 2018

1. «The Collection. Vantage Point» program on the third floor of the Education Center marks a new approach to the representation of the extensive and diverse holdings of the MMOMA;

2. The program comprises exhibitions of various types: from personal shows to multidisciplinary projects;

3. They are all going to be carried out in a laboratory format and devoted to the research of certain segments of the museum collection;

4. They will inspire a discussion of specific, non-mainstream artistic subjects, aimed at enriching our knowledge of contemporary culture;

5. «10+7. Collection Highlights / Display History» — the first project of the program — has museological and archival lens;

6. It is an exhibition about exhibitions, and more specifically — about seven MMOMA thematic collection displays, carried out in 2009-2016 [for number «10» in the title, please see below];

7. In 2009, MMOMA decided to stop demonstrating its holdings on a permanent basis and initiated a series of rotating collection displays — one of the first museums in Russia to do so;

8. The displays regularly took place in the museum’s first building at ulitsa Petrovka, 25 — the historic Gubin Mansion, constructed in the late 18th century by the architect Matvey Kazakov;

9. The series of rotating displays became the hallmark of MMOMA;

10. In this exhibition, you will see ten works of art — the recognizable highlights of the museum collection, executed in different media at different periods;

11. In agreement with the pars pro toto principle [meaning «part for whole»], the artworks in the show stand for each of the seven collection displays [on these, please see above];

12. The exhibition offers to recall and analyze the history of these showings;

13. As part of the projects, the most interesting conceptual and design features of the seven collection exhibitions are recreated;

14. And also — this is an occasion to collect and organize the sizeable amount of archival materials [documents, photographs, video recordings, press clippings] relating both to the preparation of the displays and to their subsequent reception;

15. The works selected for the «10+7» exhibition not only act as «avatars» of the thematic displays, but have their own significant presence;

16. Created by authors of different generations and creative aspirations, they throw light on a wide range of artistic phenomena, which, to a large degree, determined the trajectories of history and art in Russia (and beyond). Avant-garde and neo-academism, the «primitive» and the European «new realism», non-conformism of the Brezhnev era and post-modernist experiences of the 2000s, and finally, reflections of the younger generation already formed in the new Russia — all of these meet here in a unified dialogical space;

17. The title of the exhibition references, in a playful manner, the number of works shown and the total number of the museum’s thematic collection displays. Moreover, it is a nod to the street number of the building in Ermolaevsky pereulok where the MMOMA Education Center is located.


1. Étude to Art Object (2009)
2. Doors Open Day: a mansion — a gymnasium — a clinic — a museum (2009-2010)
3. If I Only Knew!.. Practical Guide to Contemporary Art (2010-2011)
4. Art is Art is Art (2011)
5. Dreams for Those Who Are Awake (2013)
6. Fortune Museum (2014-2015)
7. Interaction: Contemporary Artists Respond to MMOMA Collection (2016)


1. Niko Pirosmani. Witness to a Murder. 1900s
2. Vasili Shukhaev. Portrait of Salome Andronikova-Galpern. 1921
3. Evgeny Rukhin. Untitled. 1975
4. Arman. Mechanisms of Time II. 1976
5. Dmitry Prigov. Two Eyes, Vertically Arranged. 1997
6. Ivan Chuikov. Window LXIV. 2002
7. Alexander Savko. Guernica 2. 2003
8. Aidan Salakhova. My Bride. 2005
9. Pavel Otdelnov. Stonehenge. From the series «Inner Degunino». 2013
10. Ivan Novikov. Interzone. 2016


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