July 20 — August 26, 2018
JULY 4 — SEPTEMBER 2, 2018
June 16 — July 15, 2018
June 7- September 9, 2018
May 22 — July 22, 2018
May 16 — August 26, 2018
May 14 — June 17, 2018
March 28 — April 9 2018
Collection of artworks by Zurab Tsereteli

The museum includes a profound collection of works by Zurab Tsereteli — monumental sculptures in the museum courtyard, mosaics and glass paintings (stained-glass). The three-floored space hosts over 250 paintings, graphic works, painted enamels and indoor sculptures. The peculiarity of the display is that it wasn’t planned as a permanent one and is being formed by the artist himself. The exhibits will be interchanged, moved and rearranged once in a while. During our guided tours you will learn more about the evolution of Zurab Tsereteli’s work, which was deeply influenced by the art of Modernism. You will see unique sculptural enamels and appreciate the homelike atmosphere of an artistic studio!

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